50 billion dollars in a quarter: The Apple continues to roll in money

50 billion dollars in a quarter: The Apple continues to roll in money

The Apple corporation published the next quarterly report about the income which shows a steady growth of profit practically on all fronts of activity. Whether the joke to earn 49,6 billion dollars from which 10,7 billion are a net profit of the company in three months. How the situation with sales of computers and other gadgets of Apple is? Let’s look at official figures.

At first we will look at iPhone. For the last three months of its sale grew by 35 % in comparison with last year. 47,5 million people worldwide got the smartphone. With iPad the situation is a little more modest – 10,9 million pieces that is less than 13,3 million sold for the same period last year were realized.

But sales of computers of Mac family this year grew up about 4,4 million to 4,8 million. Company services, such as iTunes and App Store, brought Apple of 5 billions revenue. Serious money, agree? The company profit on very important for it the Chinese market grew by 112 %, and universal sales increased by 33 %.

While the company did not publish exact information on sales of clever hours of Apple Watch. Hours are included into the category "Other" where iPod, Apple TV and other devices of the company also belong. We know only that this most "Another" brought corporations 2,64 billion dollars that is more than 1,76 billion earned for the same period on year before.

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