Microsoft: the font of HoloLens will be not all on a pocket

Microsoft: the font of HoloLens will be not all on a pocket

The font of the added reality HoloLens developed by engineers of Microsoft corporation, quickly won popularity in Worldwide network. Tens of thousands of people already dream of that day when can turn the house into an interactive operating system or a huge playground. But any similar development has price, and, apparently, the price of HoloLens will be huge.

Journalists of the edition of New York Times managed to contact the employee of Microsoft who wished to remain anonymous. He argues that the price list of HoloLens will exceed considerably cost of modern game consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. If to consider their current market cost which varies from 300 to 500 dollars, and also to consider the phrase «considerably to exceed», it is possible to assume that the font will cost from 1000 dollars and above.

Microsoft already plans on the future which will allow to unite HoloLens with the world of video games. For example, any more a secret that admirers of the game Minecraft can travel on the cubic world by means of a new font. But as all this will look – while remains a riddle for all. Also Microsoft have very quite good library of game hits for the Xbox One console which can be coordinated to a new gadget. Moreover, the main competitor in the person of Sony uses the best efforts, that already in the first half of 2016 to let out own font of virtual reality of Project Morpheus for PS4.

Even if to be impetuous optimists and to present that HoloLens will cost 1000 dollars, it turns out that buy a font we we can at least for 51 000 rubles (at a current rate) in foreign Internet shops. If to argue on gadget cost in domestic distribution networks, it is necessary to throw here still percent 50 from above. And if demand for it is high – prepare for transcendental price lists from enterprising speculators (you yet did not get to yourselves Apple Watch for 300 000 rubles?). In any case we need to wait only for the official announcement of final cost of this font.

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