Swatch develops the accumulator for smart hours over time works before half a year

Swatch develops the accumulator for smart hours over time works before half a year

The main problem of all smart hours presented in the market (as, however, and any electronic gadgets), is time of their work from the battery. It is insufficiently long, that it was possible to designate smart hours rather practical device which a usual mechanical clock, for example, is. However Nicolas Hayek, the executive director of the Swatch Group company, shared that his company put all the forces at last to solve this problem.

In interview of the Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung the head of the largest manufacturing company of hours in the world shared that its company not only is going to let out next year on the market new smart hours, but also and that these hours will receive «the revolutionary battery».

Development conduct research bureau Belenos of the Swatch Group company, and also the producer of batteries, the Renata company.

That is interesting, earlier Nicolas Hayek said that the company is not going to be engaged in production of smart hours. However a month of Swatch later not simply changed the opinion, but also announced the smart hours of Touch Zero developed specially for volleyball players.

As to the new long-playing accumulator, that, according to Nicolas Hayek’s statement, it will be possible to use it not only in nosimy electronics and other gadgets, but also and in automobile systems.

«Any who can let out a battery for the smart hours, capable to work about six months, that will get essential advantage in the market», – Hayek declared during interview.

By the way, time of period of operation of batteries of one of the most popular hours in the market – Apple Watch and Moto 360 – makes only about one day.

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