10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

In the 1980th years hours with the Casio C-80 calculator were top of technological chic among users. They had the stop watch, the full digital keyboard and special buttons for all favourite mathematical functions (without sin and cos, the truth). And they could tell time.

Let’s return in our 2015. With all proryvny technological innovations, which witnesses we became for the last 35 years — including emergence of the Internet, e-mail, television, smartphones, touch screens — hours became the most expected gadget of it ….

Apple Watch which debut took place in 2015, it is possible to call the last iteration of nosimy technologies, nosimy electronics which people demand. In 2014 users around the world bought about 21 million nosimy devices for tracking of the physical activity, monitoring of a dream, calculation of calories and in general improvement of the state of health.

If Apple Watch will have the same effect in the market of nosimy technologies as iPhone or iPad in the market of smartphones and tablets, nosimy electronics will blow up the world. Add to it other curious gadgets like Fitbit or Nike + FuelBand — that they told us about ourselves? There are ten things which became obvious after distribution of nosimy electronics on the world.

We are layfkhaker

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Popularity of nosimy devices like Fitbit is fed with fascinating logic of quantitative improvement — if we can collect enough data on daily events and telodvizheniye, we can adjust the behavior on more healthy and happy life. Changes to the best do not mean sharp changes — receiving new work, moving to the new city, reduction of reception of carbohydrates — they can mean 1000 superfluous steps in day and 20 superfluous minutes of a daily dream.

Such is mentality of a layfkhaker which wants to improve all daily processes for achievement of the maximum productivity. Nosimye devices provide us with concrete data on trifles of our daily routine. They can precisely tell to you as long you slept, sat, went by a bicycle, ran or stood. And that is "healthy" for your age, weight and growth, you can establish the purposes on improvement of these figures.

There are no doubts that we would be more healthy, if slept it is more, went in for sports and less fir-tree. But whether there will be a data collection by a right way to self-knowledge?

We like to compete

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Motivation — a key to any successful fitness routine. It drags you from a bed in the cold winter morning that you managed to get to the sports hall before work. And it convinces you to refuse the second piece of a pie on action. But the motivation is difficult for supporting.

And there is a rivalry. Some of the best systems of nosimy equipment for fitness possess the built-in possibilities for rivalry and the competition to friends (and strangers) for achievement of the necessary purposes.

Nike developed the most difficult scheme of the competition that is not surprising for a brand which is so closely stuck on sports. While the majority of fitness trackers is collected by basic data like number of the steps passed in a day, number of kilometers which you ran or passed on a bicycle, Nike + FuelBand is not so anxious with specifics of occupations. It gives out to all physical movements identical weight and names it NikeFuel.

You earn NikeFuel, dancing, walking, playing tennis or being engaged in fight against the children — doing everything that forces you to move, and heart to work. The system awards points on the basis of expenses of «the energy necessary for performance of a certain action».

As soon as you are registered in NikeFuel, your results are compared to other participants of community. In the summer of 2014 of Nike let out weekly competitions for NikeFuel community — received 28 000 points in seven days, earn 2000 points from 10th morning to 1 day and so on. The company stopped sale of bracelets, but NikeFuel continues to work in the form of the appendix for iPhone.

We want to look abruptly

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Google does a lot of things very well: in the Network, excellent e-mail, fine cards, a stable mobile operating system — the list it is possible to continue intuitive search. But even the greatest heroes have the Achilles’ heel. Despite improbable success of the company, for the majority of people of Google will always remain "botanist".

Google Glass should move heaven and earth nosimy electronics. Presented in 2013 the limited version, Google Glass became the first clever points which allowed users to look for and through pages on the Internet, to do a photo and video, to cope voice or elementary intuitive teams.

But from the very beginning everything went not so. Even with a beta version exclusivity — the first points were on sale on 1500 dollars — and emergence of Google Glass on fashionable podiums, something in clever points was not so abrupt.

People in Google Glass not simply looked "botanists"; business was in reaction which was shown by strangers. Not all liked idea that the interlocutor in strange points can remove you on video. And why he talks to itself(himself), pulling the head? Google Glass appeared very heavy for fans of beautiful things, and as a whole the invention failed and left on completion.

Google silently closed the Glass project in November, 2014, but the technology can revive in other products.

We sleep a little

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

According to National fund of a dream, adults at the age of 26 — 64 years need from seven to nine hours a dream every day. Nine it would be fine. But the statistics shows that 40 % of people sleep less than seven hours nightly, and 14 % receive less than five hours of a dream.

One of the most attractive promises of nosimy technologies is that these gadgets braiding a hand can help to sleep to us more and better. Trackers like Sony Smartband and Jawbone UP together with the smartphone can decipher your mode of a dream. Whether you receive enough cycles of a deep sleep every night? Whether during the necessary time wake up? Whether late lay down?

After the appendix diagnoses your problems with a dream, it can help to solve to you them, sending reminders like shutdown of all electronics half an hour before going to bed or even reminders to turn on the conditioner to improve air temperature for a dream and wakefulness.

We eat too much

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

The mathematical formula of loss of weight to pain is simple: the quantity of the burned calories should be more than quantity of consumed calories. The problem only in forcing itself to refuse from sweet since morning and belly tamping for the night.

One of the checked methods less to eat — it to keep the food diary. Scientists found out that when you write down that eat, you learn more about food, about the flavoring habits, and it inevitably leads to diet improvement.

Nosimye fitness trackers like Fitbit already include options for input of food and dishes as a whole in the appendices. Appendices conduct calculation of calories and compare it to quantity of the burned calories during training and other physical activity. They even can help to create to you the food plan according to your purposes of loss of weight.

The Fitbit appendix supports a huge database and even can scan bar codes of products, however manual input of dishes still remains a headache. On CES of 2015 the option which automatically traces consumption of calories by measurement of the content of water in cages through skin was presented. Founders of the device argue that accuracy of the device makes from 84 to 93 percent, but scientists look at these figures skeptically.

The trainer is necessary to us

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

«Your way, it is training? One more circle, and quicker!».

Many of us know that such occupation in a gym. A problem that when business reaches motivation to training, the strong push is necessary to us. One of the biggest advantages of carrying of a fitness tracker can be that it will constantly remind you of your purposes in sports and to motivate/kick you.

UP24 bracelet from Jawbone vibrates, if you sit too long. He also can send tesktovy notices on the smartphone, swearing, if you do not lay down in time to sleep, or to remind, that you casually did not eat a superfluous roll for a breakfast.

In addition, fitness trackers praise and congratulate you for achievements to which you come as a result of diligent or not so work.

All of us will stoop

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Recognize, you too straightened a back, having read the words "malposture". You are not lonely. The modern person spends too much time, sitting in front of the computer screen, and his back, obviously, reminds a back of the humpback from Notre Dame by the end of the working day. It not only looks bad, but also leads to a set of problems with health.

Technologies can help Nosimye. Witty Lumo Lift fasten to your clothes and I use biological feedback softly to hoot, when you begin will stoop. This one of 25 best inventions of 2014 according to the Time magazine version, after all the device very simply corrects your bearing to more ideally, and the nose is higher, the more surely you feel.

Lumo Lift also represents itself as a fitness tracker, tracing your steps, the passable distance and the burned calories, and also hours with a good bearing. It is easily possible to send all data on phone. And here, for example, good help: hold phone at level of eyes not to stoop.

We sacrifice confidentiality

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Nosimye devices collect a large quantity of personal information. And synchronizing these devices with our smartphones, we unload a lot of personal information on each step, a dream and a food in a cloud. For the majority of us convenience of nosimy fitness trackers eclipses any reasons for concern as regards personal information. We are ready to give even more if in exchange we will receive good mood and health. However, together with Americans we lag behind other world as regards acceptance of nosimy technologies. According to poll of 2014 spent by Kronos, 82 % of adults in India and Mexico and 81 % in China put on clever earphones or clever badges on work. And how many from you can brag of the same?

We refuse nosimy technologies

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

Nosimye technologies can change life. For people who want to remain in a form and to stay in fine health — that is for all of us — these smooth small devices can become the best decision to force itself something to do.

If them did not refuse.

The statistics shows that a half of those who gets the clever device, stops to use it in a year. Worse than that, a third of users throws the devices in half a year.

As the beginning of a new diet or subscription purchase to the sports hall, purchase of a nosimy fitness tracker is accompanied by the best intentions. The reality is, however, more cruel. During our saturated time of a virtual gold asterisk or the text notice it is not enough to affect our routine.

Probably, a problem of nosimy technologies that they too зациклены on functionality. By Apple Watch, for example, are developed more as the stylish device, rather than useful. Though not useless, certainly. And if you buy Apple Watch Edition in 18-karat gold for 10 000 dollars, you obviously do not plan to shelve it.

We зациклены on itself

10 facts about us which we learned thanks to nosimy technologies

If you already to satiety gorged on all these cock-and-bull stories about nosimy gadgets, you start to notice a tendency. People who use them, are attractive, healthy, lonely professionals at the age from 20 till 30 years, provided and having free time.

There is a feeling that the children developing nosimy technologies, зациклены on itself, not in forces to see a wide range of problems — to it well, they look well and want to squeeze out even more. In practice, society suffers from a set of problems with health.

J. The hertz in Wired asked an interesting question: instead of whether bring nosimy technologies of people which need them most of all? What if to enclose biometric technologies in hands — and bodies — the people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes? Yes, they will be not so attractive, as the chip for footwear, automatically defiant Uber when you three times on it come (yes, this real device), but can save lives. In particular, about it exorcised Apple during the last presentation: together with the necessary Apple Watch appendix can save literally lives, in time calling doctors or reminding of the necessary drug intakes — it is rather simple to write the appendix, to give tools to developers. The hertz notes that, considering that is staked, suffering from chronic diseases will not shelve nosimy technologies like those who carries them for the sake of idle curiosity. The real potential of nosimy devices in medicine, instead of among fitness trackers.

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