Taptic Engine became the reason of high percent of a production defect of Apple Watch

Taptic Engine became the reason of high percent of a production defect of Apple Watch

Apparently, not only the tattooed wrists prevented Apple to carry out cloudless start of Apple Watch in sale. The Wall Street Journal published information according to which Apple faced a serious problem by production of the clever hours. High marriage of a drive of linear moving of Taptic Engine thanks to which the user feels tactile communication with hours per the moment of notifications and алертов became the reason of it.

Taptic Engine drives for Apple are made at once by two companies, one of which – the Chinese AAC Technologies Holding. This supplier seriously brought the customer and delivered it huge party of the rejected product. It became clear only after Taptic Engine was already established in hours, therefore Apple was compelled to withdraw a large number of clever hours from sale to save the users from acquisition of the rejected gadget.

Anyway, there is a probability that the part of this party nevertheless was sold to end users. The journalist of a portal of Daring Fireball John Gruber in the review of Apple Watch told that it managed hours which incorrectly worked in all that was connected with Taptic Engine so be attentive, and if you plan to get to yourselves these hours, first of all pay attention to their tactile functions.

It is probable, for this reason by Apple Watch still are not on sale in official shops of the company. The part of circulation of hours was simply withdrawn from sale, thereby having created inevitable deficiency. Apple at present threw production Taptic Engine on shoulders of the second supplier – the Japanese company Nidec Corp. It is not excluded that Foxconn also will help the apple company to cope with these troubles thanks to the capacities. For now get Apple Watch not all wishing can.

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