Elon Mask and Tesla will present a new product. And it not car

Elon Mask and Tesla will present a new product. And it not car

Tesla and its charismatic head Elon Mask are going to make the loud announcement. It is reported that on April 30 the company will present absolutely new line of production. Considering abilities the Mask to turn improbable things from area of science fiction into reality, whether it be completely electric car, the reusable space rocket or "hyper loop", about the future product is enough hearings.

The storage battery for the house

Users are most of all declined to that on April 30 Tesla will present the energy accumulator for a house food. On one of conferences in February Elon Mask announced fast release of the storage battery, capable to provide need for an electricity of households and the enterprises.

Elon Mask and Tesla will present a new product. And it not car

Now we solve, as the stationary batareyny block will look, – Mask declared, having noted that some want, that it looked as a flat wall locker with the beautiful cover, the built-in two-forked inverter and functioned by a principle «Include and work».

As earlier reported the Bloomberg edition, the Tesla battery for the house will arrive in production approximately in half a year.

It not a new field of activity for Elona Maska. Still he directs the SolarCity company which cooperates with Tesla in a question of storage power supplies. The battery developed by this company is capable to provide with a food the whole household. On a total charge it can supply with an electricity household and kitchen appliances, lighting devices and alarm system system.

On a site SolarCity it is said that in the middle of 2015 the company will make to the buyers the new proposal. Apparently, it will be somehow connected with future statement Elona Maska.

The reserve accumulator for Model S

Elon Mask and Tesla will present a new product. And it not car

Release of the device which will allow owners of Model S to use the automobile battery as a reserve source of power supply in case of an emergency situation can become an intermediate step between battery creation for a food of all house. As an example of such device the Toyota Mirai car battery on hydrogen fuel elements can serve. Toyota declares that completely charged battery is capable to cover week need for an electricity for one household.

The Tesla company also can let out analog of the system offered by Nissan. Its electromobile of Leaf can be used as the temporary generator of an electricity for household needs in unforeseen situations.

Electric bicycle

Elon Mask and Tesla will present a new product. And it not car

And why also is not present? At the Mobile World Congress exhibition in February the avtomobilestroitelny company Ford presented a clever bicycle of MoDe with connection to the smartphone. This vehicle is intended for private or commercial use in the conditions of the city. The electric bicycle is capable to gather speed to 25 km/h. Can be now the turn of Tesla came?

Expression «the new line of production», apparently, means that novelties will be more than one. However, will suffice to read tea leaves. All cards will open already soon.

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