Electronic paper for blackboards

is created

Electronic paper for blackboards

Researchers from Tokyo University thought up inexpensive electronic paper for use in big displays instead of lecture posters. It is told about new development on pages of the Journal of Applied Physics magazine. Its short description gives the PhysOrg resource.

The team of Japanese researchers updated technology of electronic paper which was developed in the 1970th years. Scientists created the inexpensive display which is ideally suited for use as a blackboard.

It is reported that the display consists of black-and-white microparticles in diameter about 0,1 millimeters. The dark part of a particle bears a negative charge while the white is charged positively. Particles are located between two electrodes. At change of the direction of a current on electrodes there is a switching from a black background on white and on the contrary.

Such displays are not a novelty, however for the first time the system was added with a management element with use of a magnetic field. Except a negative charge the dark side of microparticles contains magnetic particles which allow to use the screen for the letter.

Electronic paper for blackboards

The magnet attached to a surface of the white display, draws particles a dark side. It allows to draw on the display. The usual magnet is capable to consult with this task on the refrigerator.

Giving of tension erases the written. In the absence of tension or a magnetic field the image remains without power consumption.

Advantages of the new display researchers call durability, cost, chromaticity and the sizes. The display is made of materials rather inexpensive and steady against ultra-violet radiation, such as полиакрилат, a silicon elastomer and silicon oil. The simple structure facilitates production of krupnoformatny displays, and color combinations easily change by means of different pigmentary particles.

Electronic paper for blackboards

Researchers say that new electronic paper will lay down in a basis of inexpensive, easy and energy saving electronic posters for training. They will replace usual school electronic boards on the basis of liquid crystal displays or projectors which stand very expensively, are worse visible at bright lighting, heavy and power inefficient.

Now the team works over increase of contrast of the display at the expense of increase in quantity of black and white pigments in microparticles. Researchers consider that as a result of their development will help to reduce dependence of people on traditional paper.

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