As Oculus plans to solve one of the largest problems of virtual reality

As Oculus plans to solve one of the largest problems of virtual reality

You in the unfamiliar world. You turn to the right – and see magnificent vegetation. Turn on the left – and you will notice a charming wood being. You give a hand to stroke it, but occurs nothing. Your hands remain at you. And whether there are at you hands in general? Then you remember that this world is virtual and that the font allows you to look only, but not to touch.

This typical restriction for fonts of virtual reality like Oculus Rift. She can deceive your eyes, but other part of your body will get stuck on the boring party of a world behind the looking-glass. It is a serious barrier to the complete immersion, which Oculus will try to bypass with a new accessory under the name Oculus Touch.

Oculus Touch presented on Thursday together with the user version of a font of Rift, turns on two portable controlers — like the Wii joysticks doubled in the sizes. Each of them provides tactile feedback which allows users to feel the vibrations corresponding to their actions in the virtual world (like cock pressing), with six degrees of freedom which distinguish gestures. It is supposed that you can award alien vtorzhenets not only a shot from a fazer, but also indecent gesture with the assistance of a middle finger.

«Rift were visited by thousands people — the founder of Oculus Palmer Lucky declared during Oculus Touch presentation. — And first of all people try to study this virtual world thoroughly. It something absolutely brand new for them. It is natural reaction that they never tested earlier».

Now, at least when they will study it, they can touch something.

In practice of Oculus Touch means that users can cooperate with the virtual world more naturally, instead of simply passively watch it, can actively press buttons and cooperate with things in a traditional manner. Seize a gun, shoot, reject a gun; Oculus Touch wants, that these actions demanded the same efforts and gave a response as though the gun was made of steel, instead of from pixels.

It is important, if you want to push games in virtual reality out of entrance limits with one controler as that is shown by a present situation, the technical analyst of Gartner Brian Blau speaks.

«When you think of what can be the virtual reality how to make it more useful, how to optimize received experience, the two-handled interface becomes more acceptable — speaks to Blau. — He allows to be more expressive in the virtual world. It will be suitable for different applications in virtual reality, for games and many other».

Blau notes that Touch is far not the first two-handled system of input of virtual reality. Not so long ago the prototype of HTC Vive showed pair of sticks. But if to judge on presentation Varnishes, Oculus offers much more functions, than any other decision today. Also that is more important, users can already receive Touch in the first half of the next year, and it will not stick in razrabotchesky лимбе.

As Oculus plans to solve one of the largest problems of virtual reality

When font deliveries will begin, it can present to people feeling of presence at the virtual world about which while know the very few. «There is a special place in virtual reality — we call it virtual reality of a near field (Near-Field VR) — Mark Bolsa, the director of researches of the mixed reality at Institute of creative technologies — this place which is within reach of a hand of the user, and it magic as provides the best three-dimensional and impellent effects of virtual reality speaks. Hands are very important to activate interaction with this area».

Counter, of course, and that anybody outside of an internal circle yet юзал Touch. And though on paper all this sounds extremely attractively, there is a chance that it will distract from virtual experience, instead of to supplement it. Inclusion of hands much more will improve virtual reality, but this insignificant addition with that really solves: your brain.

«The most important input equipment in virtual reality — is your head as it builds a scene in virtual reality — Jeremiah Baylenson, the founder and the director of Laboratory of interaction of the person with the virtual world speaks at Stanford University. — It is very important to trace well situation and head rotation and if addition of hands in system somehow lowers possibilities of tracking of movements of the head, general impression can suffer».

This question should be resolved soon enough. And even if there will be problems, Oculus have a year more to solve them. At present Touch speaks only about a comprehensive approach of Oculus to virtual reality.

When the first fonts of Oculus Rift will go to buyers, they will go with the Xbox One controler — a bright example of a single-channel entrance which can force out Oculus Touch. Both of them will coexist, as even Oculus recognizes that the uniform right decision is not present. The whole matter is in what you want to achieve.

«Experience of virtual reality should be developed taking into account a specific objective — speaks to Blau. — I do not think that it is reasonable to believe that you should have the general appendix of virtual reality. So it will not turn out».

Palmer Lucky agrees with this point of view. «We see, how input will develop in virtual reality in the next years — the head of Oculus explained. — There will be different types of input for different types of games». Though Oculus Touch can be in the best way that, according to Lucky, «to display robots on a detail», the best way for shooter transfer from the first person in the virtual world there can be joystick well habitual by all.

Such flexibility should push Oculus further away. «The following step will trace not simply hands, but also to trace details like fingers» — Bolas speaks, which team already found out how to "fix" tracking of hands on fingers. Such approach can deduce as a whole a play experience of Oculus on new level.

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