Asus announced smart hours of ZenWatch 2 on video

Asus announced smart hours of ZenWatch 2 on video

The Asus company presented ZenWatch 2, first smart hours on the basis of the Android Wear operating system, available in the various sizes and 18 styles on a choice. It is reported that the novelty will go on sale in the second half of this year.

The ZenWatch 2 sizes make 49 x 45 millimeters. For comparison: a digital watch of Apple Watch has the sizes 42 x 38 of millimeter. One more similar line between two aforementioned devices is the metal clockwork head. However Asus promises «a new way of interaction» with hours by means of the button of inclusion which ZenWatch 2 possess.

New smart hours are available in silvery, bronze-gray and pink and gold color with the whole set of thongs, including with a thong from stainless steel under color of the case, and also with several options from rubber and skin. All thongs are interchangeable and use standard ears in the size 22 millimeters for large model and the 18th millimeter for smaller respectively.

As a whole the company offers 18 various ZenWatch 2 models. The leather thong with relief drawing on a surface decorated with firm crystals became result of partnership of Asus and Swarovski.

As to the software, Asus ZenWatch 2 work under control of the "guglovsky" Android Wear operating system. The company modified a platform to give the chance to users to create new dials by means of the Watch Face Land appendix. Other appendix, Remote Camera, in turn, allows the owner of hours to operate the chamber of the smartphone. The user can be switched between forward and back chambers, increase the image and take pictures directly from the screen of hours.

Among other features of ZenWatch 2 it should be noted the new slightly bent covering of the Gorilla Glass 3 screen, and also the magnetic charger which, according to Asus, positively affected recharge time.

Asus promised that will try to offer one price irrespective of the size of hours. The difference in the price will be defined by the chosen thong. The company is going to show repeatedly ZenWatch 2 (with the full list of characteristics, the price and terms of sales) at the international exhibition of household IFA electronics which starts in Berlin on September 4.

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