BMW in April will present the points, allowing to see the car through

BMW in April will present the points, allowing to see the car through

It is similar to a scene from the sci-fi movie. BMW will shortly present digital points which, as well as clever hours, help drivers to park the car. The German concern develops points of the added reality for the help in a parallel parking. In the device the last technological achievements allowing their owner to see through the car will be realized – the effect of partial transparency of a body and units is created.

At movement by a backing the back part of a body of the car becomes transparent. This effect is reached at the expense of image transfer from external chambers. Points of BMW will compete not only to decisions of other automakers, but also with production of Google and Microsoft which actively develop technology of the added reality.

According to Financial Times, the device is developed within the precincts of research laboratory BMW in the Silicon valley (California). Insiders say that public demonstration of a novelty is planned for April of the current year. Display place: Motor show in Shanghai.

BMW in April will present the points, allowing to see the car through

Details about the new device do not reveal, but it is expected that it will display in real time the most different information on the car and a situation on the road. Probably, new points can be used not only at a wheel.

The added reality which assumes expansion of perceived reality by virtual elements, is considered as the following hit in the world of the technologies, come to us from a number of sci-fi movies, such as "Man of iron" and "Dissenting opinion".

It should be noted that BMW already have similar points. The device about which there is a speech, gives to the owner step-by-step instructions for independent detection and elimination of malfunctions in the car. And the handling of digital glasses does not demand a certain knowledge and abilities. In more detail about them it is written here.

Devices of the added reality are a part of the large-scale BMW project under the name Augmented Reality: The Extension Of Reality.

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