SpaceX again will try to plant the rocket on a floating platform

SpaceX again will try to plant the rocket on a floating platform

On Sunday, June 28, SpaceX will make the next attempt of vertical landing of the rocket on a floating platform. The carrier rocket will be started from Cape Canaveral where the base of the U.S. Air Force, at 17:21 Moscow time is located. The NASA agency will organize a live broadcast of start. The reference to the channel is in article end.

The rocket will bear the SpaceX Dragon spaceship with about two tons of cargo, including provisions and scientific equipment for ISS crew. Some of tools will be used for the first time for supervision of the meteors getting into the atmosphere of Earth.

After a conclusion of Dragon to an orbit the rocket will separate from the ship and will go back to Earth. Satellite navigation will specify by it exact location of a platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile Dragon will be joined to ISS.

SpaceX again will try to plant the rocket on a floating platform

The successful landing of the rocket will allow SpaceX to use it repeatedly. Theoretically the rocket will be ready to restart within 24 hours after its delivery to a land.

Reusable rockets will open a new era – available commercial flights.

It is the third attempt of SpaceX will plant Falcon 9 after performance of the mission on ISS. The first two attempts were undertaken in January and April. Though both came to the end with explosion, the last was closer to success: the rocket actually hanged over a platform before concerning it. After a contact the rocket was filled up sideways and blew up.

In reusable rockets Jeff Bezosa’s Blue Origin company, the founder of Amazon also is engaged. Unfortunately, neither SpaceX, nor Blue Origin yet did not achieve essential successes in the undertakings. However everything can already change this Sunday.

The live broadcast of start of Falcon 9 will be conducted here.

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