Characteristics of the updated prefix of Apple TV flowed away in the Network to the announcement

Characteristics of the updated prefix of Apple TV flowed away in the Network to the announcement

For several months to the official September announcement we continually hear information scraps concerning new model of the set-top box of Apple TV. But anybody from "informants" was not well informed about its technical characteristics. Well, the next leak throws light on some interesting functions of the following version of Apple TV.

So, the unnamed source argues that the prefix of Apple TV which with a big share of probability will show us already on September 9, outwardly will look practically as well as her predecessors. Unless its case becomes a little higher and is visually thicker, in view of any internal changes in configuration. Onboard a prefix it will be allocated from 8 to 16 GB of a place under data storage. And the A8 processor which is now used in iPhone 6 smartphones becomes the main innovation.

Despite the increased computing capacity, the Apple TV prefix nevertheless cannot work with стримами video in permission 4K. Allegedly the A8 processor is not so powerful in the graphic plan, as the same A8X which is used in iPad Air 2. On the case of the updated prefix hardly there will be any new ports if to compare it to the case of the previous model. On a back surface you traditionally can find only port of a cable of a food, HDMI port, USB port, an optical sound exit and Ethernet-port.

But big changes will mention a remote control. Apparently, the panel equipped with the touch panel, will support various gestures which will simplify access of the user to the chosen functions. Also the panel will be supplied with two new buttons: Home and Siri. If with Siri everything is more or less clear, the Home button, most likely, will be somehow connected with Apple Homekit ecosystem.

Concerning the Apple price still stay in thoughts. We already heard earlier that the new model of Apple TV will be more expensive of predecessors, somewhere within 150-200 dollars. The new informant also argues that the model from 8 GB of memory will cost 149 dollars, and from 16 GB – in 199. The Apple can alternatively decide to let out on the market only model from 16 GB for 149 dollars. So it is necessary to wait after all on September 9 and to learn everything firsthand.

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