Clever toilet bowls are vulnerable for hackers

Clever toilet bowls are vulnerable for hackers

Hackers managed to get access to one of the most magnificent toilet bowls in the world. And all thanks to the vulnerability found in the built-in Bluetooth module. Now malefactors can open and close far off a toilet bowl cover, lower water and activate bidet function in the most awkward for the user the moment.

The mind the intellectual pot about which there is a speech in this article, is obliged the Japanese company Lixil. Engineers of this company added in a toilet bowl function of remote control by means of the smartphone with the preset My Satis appendix («my sanfayansovy friend»). Advertizing video shows Satis possibilities below.

2013???! LIXIL???? SATIS?????????????????

Clever toilet bowls are vulnerable for hackers

Experts in computer safety from Trustwave firm assure what to crack a toilet bowl it appeared not too difficult. Smartphone connection to Satis is carried out through Bluetooth after input of a four-unit PIN code. Password by default: 0000. It is set by the producer, and to change it it is impossible. And it means that each user in radius of action of Bluetooth can operate your toilet bowl.

The most harmless dirty trick which the malefactor can make to the owner of Satis — it to program a toilet bowl on continuous washout that, however, will affect the account for water. And here sudden operation of a hygienic fontanchik or the dryer can frighten outright.

Clever toilet bowls are vulnerable for hackers

Fortunately, the radius of action of Bluetooth is limited by 10 meters. Therefore, if your toilet bowl also will hack, burglars need to be looked for among guests, members of the family or neighbors.

Judging by messages, the producer does not hurry to correct vulnerability. And перепрошить toilet bowl probably not too simply. The simplest way to avoid similar problems — to refrain from purchase of sanitary gadgets. You only imagine, if the accumulator of the smartphone is discharged at an inopportune moment.

That who for a minute does not leave iPad, the special holder can be useful.

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