Contact lenses of iOptik will replace TVs

Contact lenses of iOptik will replace TVs

This week within an exhibition of consumer electronics in Las Vegas the contact lenses showing to the owner added reality and video of a high definition will be presented. The system under the name iOptik allows to see projected digital information, for example, the scheme of movement or video calls, the British newspaper The Daily Mail writes.

Tiny screens which were developed by the Innovega company, are imposed on an eyeball of the user and work together with pair of the facilitated points equipped with microprojectors. According to the chief executive officer of Innovega Steve Uilli, it is equivalent to TV viewing with a diagonal of the screen of 240 inches at distance of 3 meters.

The system can work in a mode of the added reality or to display information from the screen of the smartphone and the portable game device. It should be noted that iOptik does not constrain movement and is used by a principle of digital points of Google Glass.

Contact lenses of iOptik will replace TVs

Contact lenses represent difficult system from microscopic filters which send light let out by points to the pupil center, and light from environment on its region. It allows a retina of an eye to register and keep in focus at the same time two images. Such not under force to any nosimy gadget.

During the CES-2014 Innovega exhibition for the first time will present completely functional prototype of iOptik. However the company still should obtain permit to system sale to end users. Innovega also can license technology to foreign producers of hardware that will allow to improve already existing devices as Google Glass.

iOptik – a glimpse into the future – vers 1.1 Innovega’s wearable transparent heads-up display, enabled by iOptik contact lens technology, delivers mega-pixel content with a panoramic field-of-view. This high-performance and stylish eyewear is perfectly suited for the enjoyment of immersive personal media. The first part of the video is a CGI compilation provided by CONNECT, San Diego and the second part is actual footage through our system.

Last year South Korean researchers created soft contact lenses with light-emitting diodes, having approached flexible and transparent nosimy electronics to reality. Unlike iOptik these contact lenses work irrespective of digital points and are allocated with shooting function. Similar devices develop Microsoft and the Washington university. In 2012 they created a prototype of rigid contact lenses with the added reality.

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