Microsoft HoloLens points at present cost 3000 dollars

Microsoft HoloLens points at present cost 3000 dollars

You would like to touch the future and to put on yourselves points of the added reality of HoloLens? If you the software developer – at you appears such possibility at the beginning of 2016. Thus, however, cost девкита for developers will make HoloLens neither more nor less the whole 3000 dollars.

According to the statement of representatives of the company, developers will receive the first девкиты devices already in the first quarter 2016. Considering that, according to early statements of the management of Microsoft, the gadget will go on sale only in some years (it can be necessary till five years to deduce it on the market), during this time numerous studios can create many curious video games and appendices for the added reality.

The price list in 3000 dollars is an official cost девкита for developers which was declared within Microsoft presentation. In addition, to the audience showed a small demoversion of the game Project X-RAY in which the user by means of the special controler should shoot the spiteful robots getting into its apartment through breaches in walls. That fact especially interestingly looks that on a hand of the player there is an animated virtual weapon, and walls of its apartment receive damages from shots.

Microsoft HoloLens points at present cost 3000 dollars

Today it it is not known about technical characteristics of HoloLens. They keep in the most strict secret. But everything can change, as soon as the first девкиты will come into the hands of developers. In the first quarter 2016 we, most likely, learn, what iron is hidden in points of the added reality. For now it is necessary to wait and hope only that to the commercial release this gadget will cost cheaper, than 3000 dollars.

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