Mass media: Apple Watch 2 will receive the chamber for a video chat

Mass media: Apple Watch 2 will receive the chamber for a video chat

Apple Watch only recently arrived sale, but it does not protect them from hearings of rather new model of smart hours of an "apple" brand. Sources 9to5Mac declare that the Apple company has big plans for the second generation of Watch the face-to-face chamber for a video chat becomes which main feature. For certain any who loves films and games about special agents, dreams of such gadget. It is expected that Watch will find new shape in 2016.

Such hardware updating also should be pleasant to those who was tired to carry everywhere with itself(himself) iPhone. It is reported that the following generation of Watch will receive a new WiFi-chipset which will add them independence. The user can communicate with friends and use various appendices, without worrying about the smartphone left in other end of the house.

However while it is not clear, whether it is necessary to count on other improvements, except the chamber. It is reported that on operating time from the storage battery the second Watch will not differ from the first. The research carried out by Apple showed that the majority of users of Watch are not upset with that they should leave the hours to be charged for the night. On the average by the end of day they still have 30-40 percent of an unspent charge.

So, instead of the expanded battery new models can receive more advanced hardware characteristics. Besides, as declare sources, the Apple studies possibility of expansion of a model range of Watch steel and gold options. However, in such gadget as smart hours always there will be a place for improvements.

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