The Ralph Lauren company begins sales of clever T-shirts

The Ralph Lauren company begins sales of clever T-shirts

For the first time «a clever T-shirt» the American company Ralph Lauren presented the last year within the Open championship on tennis last year. Then these clothes were tested on themselves by the staff of the court running behind tennis balls. Same year official sales of T-shirts for all comers begin. Will cost this pleasure of 295 dollars, and on regiments of shops of a T-shirt should appear next week.

What does the clever T-shirt represent? This subject of clothes was developed in common by diligence of a brand of Ralph Lauren clothes and the OmSignal company. The material of a T-shirt represents a fabric penetrated by the thinnest silver fibers. All these fibers are connected to the device which fastens to a T-shirt in the field of the lower left part of a thorax of the person.

The Ralph Lauren company begins sales of clever T-shirts

The gadget removes and writes down in memory numerous biometric indicators of a body of the user, such, for example, as quantity of the made steps, frequency of palpitation, depth and frequency of breath, an expense of energy and many other things. Today such T-shirts will be available only to men. Developers promised to issue the female version later. Also representatives of Ralph Lauren mentioned that also plan to let out similar clever clothes not only for sports activities, but also for daily occurrence. Certainly, it will be presented in the most different color scores and styles.

Specially by the beginning of sales of T-shirts release of the special Ralph Lauren mobile annex which works together with a gadget collecting data was dated also. While the appendix will be available only to users of devices of Apple, also it does not cooperate today in any way with other iOS-applications concerning sports and fitness. But it only matter of time.

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