Clever ear rings which open a way to female heart

are created

Clever ear rings which open a way to female heart

At first sight this gadget looks as a usual jewel. But actually, the device which has been executed in the form of gold clip-on earrings, has a set of the sensors intended for control of health of the owner. Nosimoye the device keeps in contact with the smartphone and approaches to any ear rings.

"Clever" ear rings are capable to trace frequency of serdtsebiyeniye, quantity of calories and level of activity of the user. Compatibility with mobile devices on the basis of the iOS and Android operating systems with support of Bluetooth 4.0 provides operative transfer and visualization of collected medical information.

Clever ear rings which open a way to female heart

The Canadian company BioSensive Technologies calls the development by first-ever "clever" ear rings. By means of a stylish jeweler accessory founders hope to bypass the competitors who are letting out smart hours and fitness trackers with similar functions.

We consider that nosimy electronics should be present at all things which we use in an everyday life. Therefore we also created Ear-o-Smart, – developers speak, noting that the lobe of an ear is one of the best places on a body of the person for measurement of frequency of warm reductions.

Work of heart is checked on a blood-groove in skin by means of light signals of feedback. Cost of a gadget makes 110 dollars. The company also offers a set «Make itself» for creation of jeweler nosimy devices by own hands.

At the moment Ear-o-Smart looks for financing on a site Kickstarter. If the project raises the necessary sum of the money, the first party of "clever" ear rings will appear by February, 2015 with deliveries in June.

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