Hackers cracked the Samsung

smart refrigerator

Hackers cracked the Samsung

The Korean smart refrigerator became the cyberattack victim as a result of which the user password of the account Gmail was stolen, experts in the field of computer safety declared. Experts are concerned vulnerability of clever Samsung refrigerators which threatens safety of devices «Internet of things».

The gap in system of safety of the Samsung RF28HMELBSR refrigerator was found by programmers of Pen Test Partners firm. Results of research were published at the world’s largest conference of hackers of DEFCON. Researchers found out that the unit does not check authenticity of SSL certificates that reduces extent of its protection against breaking.

The refrigerator with Internet connection can display on the display information from Google calendar. It does it as well as other devices connected to the Gmail Calendar service. The authorized user of a calendar makes changes which are visible subsequently on any of its devices», – told The Register experts from Pen Test Partners. – Though the refrigerator supports SSL, he does not manage to check the certificate. Therefore, hackers who managed to get access to a network to which the refrigerator is connected, can take control of registration data of Google.

On a site Pen Test Partners the description of process of breaking of the clever refrigerator is provided. Experts also point to other mistakes in safety system to which it is necessary to pay attention.

Earlier we reported about the found vulnerability in BMW brand cars.

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