The Microsoft company at all did not forget about Kinect 2.0


The Microsoft company at all did not forget about Kinect 2.0

Before official start of the game Xbox One console the sensor of Kinect 2.0 was positioned as an important component of all of a game ecosystem of Microsoft. Skillful experts in marketing of the company at every turn blew that the prefix of Xbox One cannot is high-grade to function without this sensor therefore it was surely included in a set. And it led to increase in the price list to 499 dollars. But here passed one and a half years, and what we see? Whether so this sensor was necessary for the end user?

As a result, when Microsoft started to hand over positions under the impact of the competitor in the person of Sony, they had to reconsider the strategy urgently. It was right there announced new бандл consoles without Kinect in a set and for 100 dollars is cheaper. Today for Kinect there were only some games. Among them dancing simulators of Dance Central Spotlight and Just Dance 2014, a letalka of Crimson Dragon, a fayting of Fighter Within through passage, Kinect Sport Rivals and the strange meditative Fantasia project: Music Evolved. There is about ten more games where Kinect 2.0 is supported as certain small support functions.

Whether but so this sensor for high-grade game how founders confirmed him is necessary? As it became clear in new interview which the head of division of Xbox gave to Edge portal, the Microsoft company at all does not plan to refuse the child. Kinect still remains very important part of a game ecosystem of redmondsky corporation and his owners will not test shortage of the new software and Microsoft support. About new games for a sensor we can already hear at an exhibition Е3 2015 in June of this year.

«This project definitely is not thrown. We continue to expand its functionality and we want to make it even more significant part of our ecosystem», – Phil Spencer in interview told.

Spencer also specified that Microsoft updated recently the Upload Studio appendix which allows users to remove rollers for the video blogs on the green screen by means of Kinect. As to an exception of a sensor of a standard set of a prefix of Xbox One, Phil Spencer explained it as follows:

«The price list is very important in our business. You saw, how Xbox One console sales in Christmas holidays as soon as we lowered the price list for 100 dollars grew. I simply would like, that our users had a choice: to buy a prefix separately or complete with Kinect. In any case all wishing can get a sensor later when to it will be ready».

Now the standard complete set of Xbox One will cost to the Russian users in the sum from 24 to 28 thousand rubles whereas the set with Kinect will be more expensive on 10 thousand. Bedlam of currencies in the light of falling of the prices for oil has an effect. But abroad prefixes gradually become cheaper, so once this tendency will reach and our country. Let’s hope that Microsoft will think up that to it to do farther with so advanced sensor, and it will not become covered by a dust on regiments of hundreds thousands users worldwide.

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