Tesla will present the storage battery for a house


Tesla will present the storage battery for a house

Plan default on sales of electromobiles did not upset the head of the Tesla company who during the announcement of financial results for the last quarter casually reported about a new product of the company. By words Elona Maska, now Tesla works on creation of the batareyny block for house power supply. It is reported that the design of batteries is already ready, and their production can begin in the next six months. The company still did not decide on premiere date, but as Mask told, it is happy with the reached result.

It should be noted that Tesla is not the first company which has put forward idea to feed houses from storage batteries. For example, Toyota Mirai on hydrogen fuel elements gives the owners opportunity to use the automobile battery as a reserve source of power supply for the house. As writes The Verge, completely charged battery is capable to cover week need for an electricity for one economy.

Staff of many companies in the Silicon valley has free access to the charging stations established on automobile parkings. It turns out that they can take freely an electricity home from work.

As the reserve power supply Nissan Leaf can serve also. It is especially actual in connection with the natural disasters which have become frequent in recent years worldwide.

According to Tesla management, in long-term prospect demand for independent power supplies will be huge. Actions of the company let know that she is ready to make efforts for satisfaction of this demand.

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