DARPA finances development of a soft exoskeleton for military

DARPA finances development of a soft exoskeleton for military

At the mention of the word "exoskeleton" on mind the bulky design comes from the metal, similar to development of various research groups about which we repeatedly wrote. Also the film «A future side» where all fighters participated in operations only in special suits is remembered. The exoskeleton over which experts from Institute Vissa at the Harward university (USA) work, looks not «as if it tore off from the robot»: Soft Exosuit easy also is executed from a fabric, writes Engadget.

Development of Soft Exosuit which lasts many years, DARPA became interested. The agency of the advanced defensive research projects decided to support efforts of the American engineers by allocation to Institute Vissa 2,9 million dollars within the Warrior Web program.

The present Soft Exosuit version is really very similar to "clever" clothes which can be carried as trousers. The new exoskeleton simulates movements of muscles and sinews when walking. It is possible thanks to the belts fixed in the right places round feet and equipped flexible sensors. All design copes the low-power microprocessor.

DARPA finances development of a soft exoskeleton for military

As the DARPA Warrior Web program is directed on search of the new technologies, capable to prevent a trauma of soldiers, it is possible to tell with confidence that at readiness of Soft Exosuit will be used in the military purposes. However founders of a soft exoskeleton hope that the military sphere becomes not the unique scope of Soft Exosuit. The device also is suitable for carrying by simple people for increase in distance which can be passed on foot without feeling of fatigue. Besides, the research team plans to issue the medical version of an exoskeleton for patients with limited mobility.

The interesting variation of an exoskeleton was developed by the Swiss engineers. Their invention allows to sit standing.

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