Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

VR font

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

The announcement of a font of virtual reality from Japanese corporation Sony excited the very many. In fact, it today the unique worthy rival of other font – Oculus Rift. But the main distinction between these two helmets is that if Rift demands for comfortable game of the powerful and expensive computer, Morpheus for this purpose is required only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Camera. Sensors of tracking of movements of hands are built already in DualShock 4 controlers initially. So what games wait for us after release of a font of Sony? Let’s try understand.

Technical characteristics

For a start I will remind you of technical characteristics of Project Morpheus. At the head of a table the OLED screen with a diagonal of 5,7 inches and permission 1920 on 1080 points (960 on 1080 points on one eye). Developers specially increased a display diagonal to increase thereby a review corner to 100 degrees. Also they managed to win effect of degradation of the image at movements of the head of the player. To reach it it was possible by means of frequency of updating of the picture in 120 Hz. As the PS4 console rather weak in the technical plan in comparison with top computers, engineers of Sony developed special technology which builds in intermediate shots automatically, doing the picture of the smoothest in movement.

Speed of a response to movements was reduced to 18 milliseconds that is twice less in comparison with the very first prototypes of a helmet. Traces the provision of a font in space the PlayStation Camera chamber which is on sale separately from PS4 since the very first day of emergence of the console in the market and it is supplied with two separate optical sensors for exact determination of distance to objects. On the font case in front 9 light-emitting diodes also are behind located. They are seen also by the chamber. One light-emitting diode is built also in each DualShock 4 controler, he will allow a prefix to see each movement of your hands in three-dimensional space. The chamber is capable to trace turn of your head on full 360 degrees.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Also accelerometer and a gyroscope which do tracking of movements by even more exact are built in a font. By the way, when one person uses a font, the others can see the same, as it, but on the TV screen. So you can call on a visit friends that in turn everything together to take pleasure in delights of virtual reality. Complete with a font there are no earphones, but you can use any fonts compatible to PS4, including that support volume audio. The entrance for earphones and a microphone is located directly on the font case. With the console of set incorporates to the help of HDMI and USB interfaces through a special external receiver. The length of a cable in the last shown version of a font makes 5 meters.

The weight of a font is very well balanced and evenly distributed by the top part of the head of the user. It does not render any pressure upon your person. There is a special button in order that it was quickly possible to weaken fastenings and to remove it from the head. Weight of a font very small therefore your neck will not be tired even after a game couple of hours.

Project Morpheus comparison with Oculus Rift

Both fonts use OLED displays, but with different permission. At Morpheus is 1920 on 1080 (960 on 1080 points on each eye), and at Rift – 2160 on 1200 (1080 on 1200 points on each eye). At Morpheus the display one, and at Rift – it is divided into two separate for each eye. At this Rift provides a review corner in 110 degrees at the general diagonal of displays of 5,5 inches, and Morpheus – only 100, but with a diagonal of a matrix of 5,7 inches. But at Sony font frequency of updating is equal 120 Hz against 90 Hz at Oculus Rift, thanks to cunning system RGB субпикселей.

In respect of productivity everything is much more difficult. Oculus Rift will need powerful PC which is capable to reproduce modern video games with permission 2160×1200 and frequency of shots of 75 fps and above. For Project Morpheus the PlayStation 4 console and the official chamber is necessary only. According to the statement of the head of the Oculus company, the minimum configuration of the computer necessary for work of their font: Intel i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, and also videocard Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD 290. In an ideal for smooth work of Risft the graphic system which can give out capacity three times big is necessary, rather than is necessary for a conclusion to the game screen in permission 1080р.

Tracking in space at both fonts the almost identical. However, at Oculus Rift small sensors on Oculus Touch controlers and the helmet are for this purpose used, and at Sony are big light-emitting diodes. In both cases the head of the user is defined in space even then, when it отвернётся from the chamber to the opposite side.

In respect of audio Rift font therefore as demountable earphones at once are built in it, of course, is more convenient. But if you already have a wireless font of Sony with support 3D-audio, you will not test any difficulties and can join process at once. Even if you have no earphones – you can deduce a sound on loudspeakers of your TV or on a stereosystem through a receiver. Both fonts, certainly, support a volume sound which will allow you to feel in virtual reality for all 100 %.

As to management, complete with Oculus Rift the standard controler for Xbox One which is not allocated with any tracking in space will be delivered and will allow you to operate, for example, рулём a racing race car, thus you cannot operate the hands. But if you buy in addition Oculus Touch controlers – that your hands will be traced by the chamber. Project Morheus here in more advantageous situation as all owners of PS4 have a gamepad with primary support of virtual reality and tracking in space. Also you can use PS Move controlers from the PlayStation 3 console.

In this duel there is no unequivocal winner or lost. Each font possesses both advantages, and shortcomings. Each user has the right to choose to itself any of them on the taste and a purse. And now let’s talk about those games and demoversions about which we know already today. But it is worth to remember that some games Sony can hold for later to make to us a surprise. As the new studio in London which threw all the forces on development of VR projects specially was for this purpose open.

The Deep

The demoversion most known today for Project Morpheus. You appear on a place of the scuba diver locked in a cage for immersions and supervision over sharks. And sharks constantly will be somewhere nearby. People who tested this demo on itself, argue that were naturally frightened this atmosphere, and the shark seemed them almost real. Some even dumped a font from themselves in horror. Let’s look, as all this will look actually when Morpheus will go on sale as Sony for certain will publish this demoversion free of charge in the PSN Store shop.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

The Castle

The second tiny demoversion for Project Morpheus is The Castle. Before you there is a lock and training effigies which you can cut with the sword or shoot from an arbalest. In a demo PlayStation Move controlers are used to transfer your hands to virtual reality. The demo was developed, that users could test management by means of the movements in virtual space. Certainly, it was one of the very first experiments of developers with Morpheus font therefore it looks already rather out-of-date and nonideal.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Street Luge

The extremely topical simulator of a skateboard luge when the player lays down horizontally and slides on the road with a bias down, turning aside from cars by means of a ducking to the left and to the right. Eyewitnesses argue that game improbably tightens and adrenaline is thrown in blood in liters. Personally to me is not suffered to test any more this demo on itself.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

The London Heist

Simulator of a robbery of bank London bandits. It not high-grade game, and the small demoversion showing what can be a shooter from the first person in virtual reality. The user can shoot from two hands by means of PlayStation Move controlers., Unfortunately, it was not possible to find complete record of a demo in the Internet. Дождёмся its publications in PSN Store after the beginning of sales of a font.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Bedroom Robots

Sony likes to create demonstration versions with robots. For this reason on start of sales each buyer of the PS4 console received free demonstration of the game DualShock 4 controler. Project Morpheus does not become an exception and you can have a good time in virtual reality with a small group of tiny charming robots. To see that itself the demo represents, it is possible in video below.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

The Assembly

Game from NDreams studio which will tell to us gloomy story about the confidential organization in which subsoil develop the confidential biological weapon. It is necessary to play in turn for two characters, each of which the motivation moves.
While it is difficult to tell, when there is this project as except several screenshots and a CG trailer about it practically it is not known.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

EVE Valkyrie

Space shooter from the first person where you can twirl by the head, sitting at a steering wheel of the spaceship and leaving from enemy attacks. Game has invariable success among visitors of various game exhibitions so it is not necessary to doubt its success.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


The first command shooter for Project Morpheus. Two teams of players should battle with each other by means of fighting robots. Game is developed by one of divisions of the European studio Guerilla which is well-known for a series of shooters from the first person of Killzone. It seems that the project already actively passes a stage of testing and can quite appear in time by the official beginning of sales of a font at the beginning of 2016.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Summer Lesson

Demoversion for Project Morpheus from the founder of a series файтингов Tekken which beats a type of entertainments popular in Japan – visual short stories. These are stories about the relations of the guy and the girl, stout romantics, and sometimes even with sensuality impurity. Certainly, in this case about any adult content the speech does not go. But this communication with the virtual girl very much and very much impressively looks.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


The bright neon puzzle in style of the 80th is called as Superhypercube and about it while practically it is not known. But you already now can look a short tizer of this game.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


Battlezone is considered one of the first games which showed, on what the virtual reality is capable. Arcadian machine guns were in the early eighties popular, in which the player should look in a certain similarity of a periscope to see the surrounding virtual world as though from a cabin of the real tank. Game used three-dimensional vector graphics and innovative the then a gameplay. It will be curious that developers will offer us in the updated version.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


Action puzzle for fans of football. You should beat off the head footballs in various targets and objects, thereby passing one level behind another. Certainly, this game does not apply for a hit rank, but for certain will find many admirers.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


Yes. Recent game from the legendary franchize Thief will get support of a font of virtual reality from Sony. Now you can feel all delights of gangster life on own skin and from the first person to get into smart mansions and protected treasuries.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Wayward Sky

Igra-advenchura, executed from the third party in which the player should help to protagonists to pass through a train of obstacles and to solve many puzzles. The toy should be pleasant to small players as it is very similar to the qualitative animated film.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus


This game as if transfers you to the film "Gravitation" where you appear all alone in an outer space after the unforeseen accident which has carried away lives of other members of your crew.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

ARK: Survival Evolved

Game for certain will be pleasant to those who became in due time the fan of the franchize "Jurassic Park" as in this project you should survive in the fantastic world full of dinosaurs. What here to speak, it is necessary to see it. Look at only this trailer.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Among the Sleep

Horror game in which you will appear the small child who has faced the world of revived nightmares, his parents who have flooded the apartment. Game as far as I remember, already left in sale in the usual version, but at present developers use the best efforts to finish a VR component in most short time.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Project CARS

The racing simulator about which I told not so long ago you in the developed review, also will get support of fonts of virtual reality. Certainly, can take pleasure in it functions and owners of the PS4 console.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

I intentionally did not try to capture all list of Project Morpheus of games announced for a font and demoversions as on writing of such material at me one evening would leave not. But I hope that now you at least represent that on start of sales of a VR helmet it will not be boring for us. One only demos of Sony spanked so much (more than 20 pieces) that it is possible to have a good time with friends week in succession.

Cost and exit date

As I already wrote above, date of release of a font is not defined yet, but representatives of Sony argue that it will go on sale current financial year which comes to an end in March, 2016. Other authoritative sources argue that Project Morpheus will go on sale no later than June, 2016. Who from them is right – will show time. I think that already very soon to us designate more concrete date of release.

It will be necessary how many – to tell Project Morpheus font while it is difficult. The management of Sony argues that the helmet will be more expensive not of PlayStation 4 consoles, that is within 400 dollars, or in a case with our country – 400 euros. At a today’s course, it somewhere about 25 000 rubles. In principle, quite reasonable price for such advanced gadget.

Everything that you wanted to know about Sony Project Morpheus

Your opinion on virtual reality and VR fonts is interesting to our edition. Whether the helmet of Morpheus is interesting to you or you dream of Oculus Rift? Or perhaps you at all will prefer to wait to Vive font from Valve and HTC? Leave the opinion in comments to this material. Give podiskutiruy with you on this subject.

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