Game cartridges from the ninetieth come to your smartphones

Game cartridges from the ninetieth come to your smartphones

In recent years we became witnesses of a large quantity of attempts to bring classical games on smartphones, but all these attempts did not have the main detail of that, familiar to much since the childhood of a play experience: calming click of a cartridge inserted into a prefix. Nevertheless, everything can change, if the Japanese startup of Beatrobo manages to carry out the conceived.

Beatrobo works over Pico Cassette – a game cartridge which can be inserted into the socket for earphones of your smartphone. Unlike vintage cartridges on a novelty games will not be written down – instead it will transmit indiscernible a human ear a sound which can unblock the content loaded by you. Also is not present, it not simply nostalgic approach to fight against a piracy. The technology also allows to synchronize the kept games between a set of devices – thus, the cartridge will be in fact your unique copy of game.

At the moment Pico Cassette exists only in the form of a concept showing technology. Nevertheless representatives of Beatrobo report that the company already carries on negotiations with founders of a content, and hope to find funds for advance of cartridges by means of a kraudfanding. It is difficult to present that such cartridges become very popular even if known studios will pay attention to them – after all the whole generation of mobile gamers never in life held the real cartridge and saw "dandy" only in a museum. For them sending to nostalgic feelings simply will not work. At the same time, Pico Cassette – an interesting concept which can cause many pleasant memories in more adult gamers.

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