Google patented contact lenses with the scanner of a raduzhka of an eye

Google patented contact lenses with the scanner of a raduzhka of an eye

The Google company patented contact lenses with function of scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye. However search the giant refused to disclose details of that, where exactly it plans to use this ability.

In July, 2014 of Google declared cooperation with multinational pharmaceutical corporation Novartis within the medical Smart Contact Lenses project. Thus except the medical purpose, according to Google, so-called clever contact lenses pursue the aim to raise quality of life of people. In the past the cofounder of Google Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) declared that the company will "compress" technologies and to reduce consumer electronics till the size of an eyeball of the person.

In turn head of Novartis Joe Jimenez (Joe Jimenez) reported that clever lenses will help to watch diseases by means of technology of the added reality. Google also said that its new gadget will supervise glucose level in tears of the person. It will relieve diabetics of continuous piercing of a finger-tip to measure sugar level in blood.

Moreover, pharmacists plan to add in contact lenses auto focus function for improvement of sight of far-sighted people.

In the new patent ability of contact lenses to collect light reflected from an iris of the eye of an eye is described.

As the representative of Google reported in interview to the Time newspaper, the company buys up patents which reflect a set of interesting ideas, but not always they turn into a concrete product.

Recently Canadian scientists reported that contact lenses field-glasses invented.

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