In Google called the reason of failure of Glass

In Google called the reason of failure of Glass

Too great attention of the public and the created opinion that smart points of Google Glass are a product ready to sale, led to project failure. In Google recognized it. Speaking at the technological South by Southwest conference in Austin, the head of Google X laboratory Astro Teller declared that granting to developers and fans of access to the Glass project through the Explorer program was the good decision, but special attention ruined a product.

We made the serious decision, but not the absolutely true. The decision to start to sell to Glass to developers and otjyavlenny admirers of Google to public release led to that the product did not leave in masses. We allowed, and with times even encouraged too great attention to the project, – Astro Teller declared.

Being a magnificent product, Google Glass could not be beyond a prototype. Large-scale distribution of Google Glass among developers and fans of a brand suggested an idea other users that the product is ready for mass consumption. Besides Google itself promoted formation of such opinion.

We also encouraged with the acts people to think that it is a finished product, – Tellera quotes the CNET edition.

Two years ago Google Glass was considered as a new formfaktor of the personal computer with the unusual user interface and improbable possibilities. However the high price and the poor software increased a product yield waiting time by the market.

In January of Google reported about transition of the Glass project to hands of the former manager of Apple Tony Fadella. Soon after that hearings about work on the second generation of Glass started to appear. However new smart points can count on success only in case will not be similar to the original.

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