In Sydney there were road signs on electronic ink

In Sydney there were road signs on electronic ink

To improve traffic safety on separate sites of roads at carrying out special events, in Sydney instead of usual signs began to use E-Ink-screens. New electronic signs display parking rules depending on time of day and day of week.

The public road service in cooperation with the Slovene technological company Visionect will establish about 100 electronic road signs on all city. Outwardly screens are similar to usual signs except that they eat from solar energy and have the built-in opaque black-and-white screens similar to what are used in electronic books. Management and control of messages on signs is carried out by means of cellular communication.

The capital of New South Wales can boast of completely self-supporting road signs which work from solar energy – the natural resource which many is present at Australia. It is possible thanks to extreme efficiency of electronic paper which consumes not enough energy. And additional optimization does signs on the basis of technology of electronic paper less dependent on traditional power sources.

Completely adjusted electronic signs not only save energy, but also a place on city streets which is usually occupied with temporary road signs. It is reported that annually in the city of Los Angeles about 558 thousand temporary signs limiting traffic are established, in the total cost 9,5 million dollars – here digital signs could help to save on the personnel and resources, – is told in Visionec press release.

The scope of technology of electronic ink is wide. It not only "chitalka", smartphones, smart hours, plastic cards and electronic price lists, but also design footwear.

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