In the Navy of the USA developed the military bespilotnik who is finding room on a palm

In the Navy of the USA developed the military bespilotnik who is finding room on a palm

The Navy of the USA "Cicada" conducts development of new compact prospecting bespilotnik. The project began in 2006. In 2011 the first flight tests of compact independent aircraft were carried out. The newest version of thrones, so small that they find room on a palm of the person, last week showed on the action of Lab Day which is carried out by the Ministry of Defence.

As reports Endgadet portal, these remains as small paper самолетики, capable to fly absolutely silently, thanks to lack of the engine at them look. The chosen name "Cicada" is not casual. As well as in case of insects, tiny prospecting bespilotnik are developed for work as a part of "swarm". Despite the small size, they are equipped with batteries, and also various sensors.

The version of 2011 was supplied with sensors of weather, temperature and humidity. The new version shown last week, can be equipped with microphones, and also vibration sensors, doing by a bespilotnik by the ideal silent scout, capable to conduct to a pro-whisper of the potential opponent or to find equipment of the enemy, specifying the direction of its attack.

"Cicadas" have no engines and any systems of air screws, however are capable to overcome for time distance in 74 kilometers after will be dumped from the plane or a balloon. Coordinates of GPS to which they follow at the moment of the planning back on the earth are loaded into system of each throne.

Development of a present prototype of a bespilotnik managed the Navy of the USA in very round sum, however engineers of agency say that at mass production each separate throne will cost about 250 dollars that as you understand, is not so expensive to a bespilotnik of a military sample.

It is necessary to specify also that thanks to the noiselessness, high efficiency and low cost in such compact thrones became interested not only military structures, but some of intelligence services.

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