Unprofitable nails of NailO will replace a computer mouse

Unprofitable nails of NailO will replace a computer mouse

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed tiny wireless трекпад, nosimy on a finger. The prototype under the name NailO is very similar to unprofitable nails – widespread today a fashionable female accessory. The device fastens to a thumb of a hand and copes at the expense of forefinger movement on a surface.

Researchers call NailO the nosimy input equipment of information executed in the form of an unprofitable nail. Tiny трекпад it is connected to the mobile device and it is adjusted according to personal style, the Daily Mail newspaper writes.

NailO allows to carry out various actions on phone or the personal computer by means of gestures, and thanks to replaceable slips the user can easily change appearance of the device.

Authors of development say that on creation of NailO they were inspired by the colourful slips, which some women impose on the natural nails.

According to developers, the commercial version of the device will receive a demountable superficial membrane which will allow owners трекпада to arrange it under own style.

As for work with the trekpady natural movements are used, users will quickly get used to it, researchers promise.

Unprofitable nails of NailO will replace a computer mouse

NailO is convenient for using in situations when it is undesirable to draw attention of people around, for example, it is necessary quickly and to answer the participant of meeting the urgent text message imperceptibly.

Details about a prototype will be presented during conference on questions of interaction of the person and the computer (Computer Human Interaction) in Seoul, South Korea.

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