Lexus showed bamboo ховерборд

Lexus showed bamboo ховерборд

The Lexus company specializing on release of cars of a premium class, declared creation of the real worker ховерборда. The device is capable левитировать at height of several centimeters over the earth. In confirmation to it the company published video on YouTube.

Slide is an embodiment in reality of technology from the film «Back in the future 2». At the heart of a board made of a bamboo, the superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen, and magnets lie. At registration ховерборда there are elements of front grilles of cars of the company.

Hoverbord Lexus, however, has one feature. It works only at metal surfaces. Therefore soon Slide hardly will replace traditional skateboards on which go for a drive in parks.

But the main thing that the device works and has stylish design. For doubting that it not an advertizing gimmick, Lexus declared that work on the project was conducted more than 18 months. Research teams also participated in creation ховерборда from Germany and London.

Lexus showed bamboo ховерборд

Now Slide passes test by professional skeytbordist in Barcelona. Lexus says that driving on ховерборде differs from driving on a usual board with wheels.

To see Slide while it is possible only on video published by Lexus on the official channel in YouTube. However having looked at it, we did not see ховерборд in operation. The company promises to publish new videos soon.

The combination of design, technologies and imagination … Slide is a fine example of realization of surprising ideas. Hoverbord Lexus uses a magnetic levitation for achievement of improbable besfriktsionny movement. The superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen, and constant magnets together allowed Lexus to create impossible, – is told in the company message.

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