Lockheed Martin told about new biometric technology of the American agents

Lockheed Martin told about new biometric technology of the American agents

The national security agency (ANB) of the USA tests new technology which allows to identify the user on nature of movement of a finger on the smartphone screen. It was declared by the defensive and technical company Lockheed Martin. The technology under the name Mandrake reminds technology of identification of the signature Dynamic Signature developed by the U.S. Air Force still in 1978 for the Pentagon. It measures lines, dynamics and speed of movement of fingers of the user.

Movements of fingers are unique. Malefactors can forge another’s handwriting in two measurements, but not in three and not in four, – the senior research associate of Lockheed according to IT solutions in the field of safety John Mears (John Mears) told to the Nextgov resource.

The third measurement to two another on paper is the enclosed pressure. The fourth is time. The most advanced systems of authentification of handwriting work in four measurements.

According to Lockheed Martin, the technology exists and is completely functional. However the company says that it does not know about cases of use of Mandrake national agents.

We cooperated with ANB concerning use of this method of authentification in smartphones. They can really use it, – Mears declared.

The technology can appear is useful in work of rescue services, which have no time or possibility аутентифицировать itself to get access to specialized sites or appendices.

According to a forecast of research firm Tractica, by 2024 the world market of biometric systems will be estimated at 67,8 billion dollars. However, according to analysts, business does not hurry yet with introduction of biometric systems.

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