Microsoft presented the adapter for Xbox One and Kinect connection to Windows


Microsoft presented the adapter for Xbox One and Kinect connection to Windows

Owners of a prefix of Xbox One with the Kinect controler unequivocally have more certain advantages in comparison with users of Windows. However the Microsoft company offers now the special adapter which does Xbox One with Kinect completely compatible to computers and tablets on Windows 8 and 8.1.

Thanks to this adapter connected on USB 3.0, owners of Windows-computers fully can use now Xbox One console and Kinect chamber possibilities. For example, users of Windows can give voice teams or use the Kinect chamber for video communication through Skype.

In the form of the adapter the Microsoft company suggests to gain all these advantages to users for 49,99 dollars.

Besides, the Microsoft company presented the second SDK Kinect version for developers which allows to create better applications. Besides, now the programs using Kinect, it will be possible to publish in Windows Store.

As we see, Microsoft in every way tries to give users opportunity of a choice of game production of the company. Let’s remind that buyers can get Xbox and Kinect as in a set, and separately.

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