NASA and Microsoft will provide ISS crew with HoloLens


NASA and Microsoft will provide ISS crew with HoloLens

The NASA agency and the Microsoft company declared collaboration in the Sidekick project on use of a font of the added reality of HoloLens in space. The first pair of digital devices will be delivered aboard to ISS within SpaceX mission on June 28. You do not think that these efforts are directed on providing with video games of astronauts. The purpose Sidekick – virtual technical support of crew of space station.

Authors of the project hope by means of HoloLens to reduce requirements to vocational training of astronauts. For example, function «the removed expert» will allow crew to receive in real time consultations of the expert on Skype. Thus the person on Earth can not only to see that the astronaut in space at present sees, but also to supplement its environment with instructions on performance of technical tasks, reports Tech Times.

To be convinced of that the technology will work in space, engineers from NASA and Microsoft tested Sidekick onboard the jet Weightless Wonder C9 plane. Nevertheless, scope of Sidekick is not limited to space.

Sidekick is planned to use also at the deep ocean. The group of astronauts and engineers will test technology at the underwater research station Aquarius unique in the world within two weeks within the next expedition of NEEMO planned for July 21.

HoloLens and other devices of mixing of realities use advanced technologies, which can help with carrying out scientific researches, and also provide new possibilities for crew of the International space station, – the head of the ISS program in NASA headquarters in Washington Sam Simemi (Sam Scimemi) declared, having noted that the new technology can help also with mission to Mars.

Before NASA and Microsoft declared plans to provide with a font of HoloLens of future researchers of Mars. For this purpose the special software is already developed. It is called as OnSight.

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