Panoptic Studio – the system of three-dimensional numbering using 480 video cameras

Panoptic Studio - the system of three-dimensional numbering using 480 video cameras

It will be shortly possible to create high-quality 3D-reconstruction of sports competitions, concerts and other actions for further use in the entertaining or scientific purposes. It becomes possible thanks to new system of numbering of movements in three-dimensional space of Panoptic Studio developed by researchers from university of Carnegie-Meloun (Carnegie Mellon University).

Panoptic Studio represents a dome in height about the two-storeyed house in which 480 chambers which allow to trace and fix the smallest movements of the person are located, reports Gizmag.

Earlier for creation of 3D-models it was necessary to hang up additional markers on which the program created volume model on the person. For Panoptic Studio system in it there is no need. It uses the difficult algorithms, capable to trace movement of any point which surely comes into the view of several chambers.

All 480 chambers can trace to 100 thousand points on object that much more, than similar modern systems which are equipped only with couple of tens chambers can. Such number of systems of tracking allows to get rid completely of «dead zones» at creation of 3D-model of object.

Minus of this method of numbering is the large quantity of data which are necessary for storing and processing. Besides, there can sometimes be a redundancy of the received information, however difficult algorithms of the software should eliminate superfluous data.

Soon engineers plan to modernize the system, having added it work possibility outside of a dome. If everything goes successfully, Panoptic Studio can be used in concert halls, at stadiums or sports grounds.

MAP Visibility Estimation for Large-Scale Dynamic 3D Reconstruction (DetailedViews) – CVPR 2014 Hanbyul Joo, Hyun Soo Park, and Yaser Sheikh Carnegie Mellon University Project website:

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