Philips considers that the clever toothbrush

is necessary to your child

Philips considers that the clever toothbrush

To the clever house – clever things. Engineers of the Netherlands company Philips who do in recent years a special emphasis on consumer goods and health care so consider. To one of novelties of the company was the clever toothbrush of Sonicare for Kids which will help children to develop with itself a habit most carefully to clean the teeth in an easy game form.

Release of this gadget of Philips intends to kill one shot at once two hares: to capture audience which considers that «clever things» it is better in everything, and also to interest careful parents who put health of the children above all and are ready to pay for it decent money.

Speaking about cost of a toothbrush of Sonicare, it is impossible to call it the road. It will cost to you only 49,90 dollars. But for its high-grade work your child needs a tablet on the basis of the iOS operating system. After all specially for iPad the special appendix game thanks to which the child can fight against cunning bacteria by means of the toothbrush was written. If to add iPad cost to the brush price, there is quite round sum. Whether you are ready to spend for a toothbrush and a tablet from 350 dollars and more – a question difficult.

Philips considers that the clever toothbrush

The appendix game visually shows to the child as it is necessary to clean the teeth correctly. The kid should help to clean teeth to an amusing fluffy violet being which something is similar to Ohm of Nome from popular mobile game. Parents can see in the special section of game, how many minutes the child spent for toothbrushing and as far as he tried thus. Time will show, whether приживётся development of Philips in the market or parents will prefer to buy ordinary toothbrushes on 2-3 dollars apiece.

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