Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

One of these days Microsoft announced a lot of new and interesting, and among other things — points of the added reality of HoloLens. That a sin to conceal, after недовыхода and excessive хайпа round Google Glass, to the points which appointment is clear not at once, the people had a certain scepticism. That will be with HoloLens — will show time but if at Microsoft it will turn out, will be abruptly. The Wired resource made the small review of points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft, we suggest also to you to study the first details of a novelty. Further – from the first person.

There was an end of October, in Redmond, the State of Washington, days became shorter, and rains only began. In some months of Microsoft will present the most ambitious project in recent years — the holographic computer put on the head under the name Project HoloLens. But while even employees of Microsoft in the majority never about it heard. I go through a big atrium of Studio C at Microsoft to meet her main inventor, Alex Kipman.

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

The font is still presented by a prototype of Project Baraboo code-named, or «B» is simple. Kimpan, with hair to shoulders, looks nervously, shifting from one foot to the other in the red Converse All-Star. It is nervous, because worked over pair of holographic points five years. Even it is more. Seven years if to return to idea which it pushed for the first time in Microsoft and which became subsequently Kinect. When the font fixing movements of the user of Xbox, was let out exactly for holidays of 2010, it became the most quickly sold consumer game device of all times.

With the beginning he knew that Baraboo will send Kinect in a younger echelon.

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Kipman brings me into a hall for briefings with the dropping-out screen, soft sofas and the angular bar filled with wine and soda (there we do not go). It sits down nearby, then rises, goes, again sits down. He tells to me short story of calculations as the lecturer, saucers of his eyes extend when he speaks. The next era of calculations, speaks to Kipman, will not lie in the original digital Universe. «It is a question of the analog Universe — he speaks. — And at the analog Universe essentially other set governed».

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Transfer: you got used to use calculations on the screen, entering teams on the keyboard. The cyberspace was somewhere in other place. Computers answer programs which interpret teams. In the near future you will use calculations in the physical world, using a voice and gestures to cause data and to impose them in the form of a layer on physical objects. Computer programs are able digest so many data that there will be all the utonchenny more difficult also. Kibeprostranstvo will be round you.

On what it will be similar? On holograms.

First impressions

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Then I also saw for the first time Baraboo. Kipman showed me concept video on which the young woman in a gray font passed through different events, from collaboration with colleagues before travel over Zolotye Gate Bridge in Oculus style. I looked video while Kipman looked how I look video while representatives of PR department of Microsoft looked how Kipman looks at me watching video. Video was klassnenky, but I saw too much science fiction and wanted to take in hands something real. Therefore Kipman got a box from a sofa. Carefully withdrew a font. «I should you show this toy — he told, transferring it to me. — It is the current industrial design».

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Baraboo was more and more hard than Google Glass, but much less Oculus Rift. At first I thought that they are similar to the points made by Magic Leap, the mysterious startup of the added reality financed by Google on 592 million dollars. But Magic Leap is not ready to present the device yet. Microsoft plans to present Project HoloLens for developers in the spring.

Kipman’s prototype is fine. It strengthens the main advantages of Kinect, using an energy minimum. The chamber of depth possesses a field of vision in 120 on 120 degrees — more than at Kinect — therefore can fix that do your hands, even when they are extended on a maximum. Sensors fill the device in terabytes of data every second, thanks to onboard CPU, GPU and HPU first in own way (the holographic processor). As Kipman specifies, the computer does not heat up on your head because warm air comes to light on the parties. Buttons on the right side allow to regulate loudness and to operate contrast of the hologram.

How to deceive a brain

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

The main achievement of Project HoloLens — the realistic hologram — uses a smart way of deception of a brain that that saw light in the form of a matter.

«As you know, you perceive the world, thanks to light — Kipman explains. — If I could press the magic button, we would see, how photons jump worldwide. Finally they get on a back part of your eyes, and thanks to it you know that such the world. In essence you see the world as a hallucination, well or see that wants to see your brain».

For creation of images of Project HoloLens, a particle of light million times in a so-called light cursor of the device skip. Then photons get on two lenses of points where рикошетят between layers of dark blue, green and red glasses, will not get yet to eyes. «When you receive light under the necessary corner the magic» then is born.

Half an hour when we looked at other prototype later and saw some more conceptual videos, talked about importance of developers (in the first days new you always should tell products about importance of developers), I managed to test this magic. Kipman led me through a yard to confidential laboratory in a cellar. Each of rooms represented the separate scenario for Project HoloLens check.

Fast flight to Mars

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

The first was is deceptive the simple. I entered into the improvised drawing room in which instead of the switch wires stuck out of a hole. On a table tools were scattered. Kipman stretched me a prototype of HoloLens and asked to establish the switch. When I put on a font, on the screen before me the electrician emerged. Easy movement of a hand I moved it to the left from wires. The electrician saw everything that I see. It drew a holographic circle round the indicator on a table and showed how to check, whether there is a current in wires. When we found out that it is not present, it showed how to establish the switch, instructing me holographic strelochka and charts on a wall before me. Five minutes later I turned the switch, and the drawing room was filled with light.

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Other scenario shipped me on a virtual landscape of Mars. Kipman developed it in close cooperation with scientific NASA Jeff Norris who carried out the first half of 2014, flying there and back between Seattle and South California to help to make the scenario. Upward I was switched by fast gesture from the screen showing progress of "Kyyuriositi" on a surface of a planet, to virtual stay on the planet. Earth is burned out, covered with parts of a dust and is so realistic that when I take the first step, my feet start to coordinate. Feelings and visualization do not coincide at all. Behind me there was a two-meter mars rover. The sun is bright a star over a Rover, creating short black shadows on the earth under his feet.

Norris joined me virtually, having appeared in a three-dimensional form of the translucent gold person. (Actually it was in the next room). The dashed line lasted from his eyes to that, on what he looked. "Look" — he told, and I sat down closer to look at a stone. By means of gesture I choose one of three options which orders to a Rover to pick up this breed.

After studying of Mars I would not like to remove a font which possesses a number of the tools, allowing to embody unimaginable in reality. In NASA think as. Norris will advance Project HoloLens this summer that scientific agencies could use it for collaboration over mission.

Ahead long way

Points of the added reality of HoloLens from Microsoft: first impressions

Alex Kipman

Eventually, Kipman’s voice returns me to Redmond. When I remove points, it reminds me that the project still is in the initial stage. It yet that thing which can already become the best-seller in next weekends. It is the new interface operated by a voice and gestures, and all should work faultlessly before it becomes commercially viable. I like voice-activated control, I use Siri constantly. But each second time it cannot give me the good answer, and I should undertake the keyboard to find required quicker. The HoloLens project will have no keyboard. If elements of a voice and gestures ideally do not work for the first time, consumers will quickly write off the project.

Nevertheless during other demonstrations there were no misfires. Here I play game in which the character jumps on a real room, collecting the coins scattered on a sofa, and flying up on the fountains located on a floor. I build a virtual toy (a fluorescent green snowman) which then I can make by means of the 3D-printer. Together with the designer of motorcycles from Spain I draw a three-dimensional wing on a physical prototype.

As I pass through different rooms, Kipman is nervous ever less. Passed three hours since we met. In each scenario he looks at the screen which shows it that I see, and he watches how I try to use the device for the first time. On it it is visible that it is very concentrated and tries to be convinced that everything works well. I instinctively listen to the computer. Seven years later he tries to see Project HoloLens as for the first time. To see it eyes of the 30-year-old woman from New York. However, while this only thing that its magic holographic helmet is not able. Is not able yet.

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