Apple company: shopkeeper from God

Apple company: shopkeeper from God

The majority of users know that the Apple company is the most successful, its market capitalization breaks all historical records, and financial performance – the best in branch. According to a resource, the "apple" company following the results of 2012 fiscal years earned more than Microsoft, eBay, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Amazon together taken.

The Apple company income for 2012 made 156,5 billion dollars, and net profit – 41,7 billion dollars. For comparison, the profit of six aforementioned companies following the results of the similar period made 34,4 billion dollars. It should be noted that the Dell, Intel, Acer, ASUS, IBM, HP and Lenovo companies joint efforts managed to gain 19,4 billion dollars of profit.

On the chart also there are Walt Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, Viacom and Comcast to which managed to earn 19,3 billion dollars.

It is remarkable that the market of smartphones does not hold out to the personal computer market a little. It was the share of the Samsung, Nokia, RIM and HTC companies 12,8 billion dollars of profit.

In spite of the fact that generally the profit of the Apple company is brought by mobile devices, sales of Mac computers made a powerful share – almost same 19,4 billion dollars which fall on Dell, Intel, Acer, ASUS, IBM, HP and Lenovo in the personal computer market.

The schedule also shows that providers and the media companies are more successful in comparison with the same producers of smartphones and the personal computer.

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