The technology of a wireless charging by means of ultrasound

is created

The technology of a wireless charging by means of ultrasound

uBeam startup led by Meredith Perry created a full-function prototype of technology of a wireless charging which can transform an electric signal to ultrasound and send it on the portable device.

In turn, the smartphone or a tablet has the special receiver which catches a sound and will transform it back to an electricity. The technology allows the device to move freely on a room, being in a pocket or in a handbag, during a charging.

«It is the unique wireless power supply system which allows you to use phone during a charging, thus freely moving on a room» – Perry in interview told.

Let’s note that the idea of creation of this technology was presented by the uBeam company 3 years ago at scientific fair, and its working prototype was just now shown.

Developers report that by means of ultrasound it is also possible to hand over protected information which electronic devices will exchange among themselves. Also it should be noted that the thickness of the transmitter does not exceed 5 millimeters that will allow to build in them a room interior, reports The New York Times.

However the technology has the shortcomings. Unlike Wi-Fi or signals of a cellular network, the ultrasound cannot pass through walls therefore there is a need of installation of sending devices for each room.

The company already submitted 18 patent applications to Department of the USA according to patents and trademarks. Founders assume that the wide circulation of this technology can lead to reduction of capacity of accumulators in portable devices that is especially important for developing nosimy electronics.

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