Oculus Rift not against support of an adult content

Oculus Rift not against support of an adult content

It seems that the team which is responsible for development of a font of virtual reality of Oculus Rift, is not going to enter any filters of a content when the device at last will go on sale in the form of the consumer version. And it means that the various companies which are engaged in production of an adult content, can «have from it the interest».

Palmer Lakki, the founder of the Oculus company, within the first Conference of developers of products for the virtual reality passing in San Jose, shared with journalists of Variety that wants to create completely open platform and clearly let know the following:

«Rift – an open platform. We do not supervise what appendices can be started on it. And I consider that it is a right choice».

While it is not clear, whether interested this statement someone from representatives of the companies which are engaged in production of a content for adults, release of the products calculated specially for Oculus Rift. However, as we already spoke earlier, the font will intend first of all for use with personal computers. This platform has no "owner" who could forbid use on it this or that content. Therefore emergence of an entertaining content for Oculus Rift calculated only on adults, is a question only time.

Let’s remind that the release of the consumer version of a font is planned for the first quarter 2016. In addition, the company developer shared information on what requirements will be is shown to the personal computers which users will want to use this font.

At the moment developers of appendices have access to the second generation of a dev-whale of a font, and the consumer version can offer even more serious technology and support for applications programming.

For this time it is possible to consider as the main competitors of Oculus Rift such projects, as Vive (it is developed within joint cooperation of Valve and HTC) which consumer version promise to issue till the end of this year; the Project Morpheus project in which development Sony for the home game PlayStation 4 console (release of a font is engaged is planned for 2016).

As to the Microsoft company, it is more interested in development of the holographic computer and at the moment works over HoloLens concept. Casey Hudson, the former head of department of development of the popular franchize Mass Effect in the BioWare company is engaged in the management of the project.

Anyway, one remains clear: for association round themselves own base of users all these projects should possess eventually attractive and competitive prices, not to mention support of games and other types of appendices.

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