First tizer-trailer of the film Star wars: An episode 7 – Awakening of force

First tizer-trailer of the film Star wars: An episode 7 – Awakening of force

At last there was a possibility for the first time to look at the first shots of a new part of the film epic «Star wars: An episode 7 – force Awakening». In the Network the official release of the first tizer-trailer lasting 88 seconds took place. Let’s remind that George Loukas (as it was with all previous parts), and the new director – Jay Jay Abrams stages this series not.

And, though only tiny slice of appears at us that us expects at cinemas approximately in a year (the premiere of the film in Russia will take place on December 18, 2015), such event will obviously please real fans of this franchize and especially those who waited for the first shots from the new film.

It should be noted that the Disney company, тныне George Loukas’s owning Lucas Arts and engaged in production of a new part of the film about джедаях, very seriously approached to a question of protection against leakages of a working material.

Shooting came to the end at the beginning of this month, however production of a new film is not finished yet. Now goes post-продакшн within which the team engaged in the film will mount a working material and to be engaged in production of weight of scenes with special effects.

The duplicated tizer-trailer of the film «Star wars: 7 – force Awakening» it is possible to look at an episode below:

STAR WARS EPISODE 7: FORCE AWAKENING — the Duplicated (Russian) Trailer! [RU] Force comes back!

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