Head of Lenovo showed the second generation of smart hours of Moto 360

Head of Lenovo showed the second generation of smart hours of Moto 360

In the Network the photo of the device which can appear the following generation of smart hours of Moto 360 flowed away. It allegedly casually was published by Jan Yuantsin, head of Lenovo – the companies which last year bought Motorola from Google. Initially the picture of a new gadget and accessories to it was published on the Chinese site Weibo, then extended on all Internet.

As reports a resource MyDrivers.com, the published photo was accompanied by the following comment: «Moto 360 correspond to freedom era, in the future we want to expand possibilities of our sentry of shop».

In a picture lower the case with various dials and belts is represented. The new device has a round form, but, unlike Moto 360, is more similar at traditional o’clock.

Head of Lenovo showed the second generation of smart hours of Moto 360

Original Moto 360 the first received the round dial though the screen appeared not completely round. From the moment of Moto 360 exit in 2014 the Huawei company presented hours with thinner case and completely round display, thereby having shown, that does not suffice to hours of Motorola.

It seems that Motorola is going to expand quantity of replaceable belts for Moto 360. The company will offer a set of color options and, probably, even will allow owners of the smart hours to use traditional thongs. «Freedom era» as though hints at it.

Motorola while did not react in any way to the photo publication. And that Jan Yuantsin soon removed it, specifies that the company does not want to share the development to a premiere.

Considering a fast exit of Apple Watch and desire of the producer of a Swiss watch of Tag Heuer to enter race of clever hours, Motorola should be made much to allocate the second generation of Moto 360 of crowd.

Earlier we saw, how the developer taught hours of Moto 360 to accept calls with iPhone.

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