Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

From the moment of the first emergence in public in January, the HoloLens project lifted a big wave of positive comments. However to show a font of the added reality to group of friendly journalists — this one, having received such bagatelle on hands everyone will make about it the opinion. The detailed review while mysterious device was made by our colleague with ExtremeTech. Further – from the first person.

I always fed huge interest to the things connected with three-dimensional graphics in real time. Very long time ago I started to code 3D as a hobby, late it turned into professional long-term activity. It was interesting. I saw very many manifestation of the virtual and added reality therefore, I think, came to the reasonable expectations connected by that I know about the current technologies. Here that I gathered from communication with HoloLens.

On what experience of communication with HoloLens is similar?

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

Give at once to business — you want to know, what it to use HoloLens, and whether the sensation is justified. If it is short, HoloLens improbable and is well made, but it is even more possible and it is necessary to make. If you are not familiar with devices of the added and virtual reality, allow me to explain.

The first difference from the modern added reality which it is possible to feel with phone and a tablet, is that your hands are free, and the display is transparent, therefore you really feel the three-dimensional objects which are present at a room. In a case with the added reality on a tablet you as if look through a window.

HoloLens projects objects directly on your Wednesday because Microsoft was possible to create the display truly without a framework, providing almost ideal combination of the real world and 3D-objects.

Tracking of movements of the user also faultlessly. In a demo it was one of the most impressing points. When you use virtual reality, you are completely disconnected from «the real world» therefore even if tracking not ideally, it especially is not appreciable. In a case about HoloLens, tracking should be ideal, and I was surprised that Microsoft was possible to carry out it. All it seems very natural.

At last, HoloLens does not cause any side effects. I am not especially sensitive to the nausea caused by virtual reality, but practically always something is. The matter is that always there is a small difference/delay between expectations of your body and that eyes see in virtual three-dimensional reality. As HoloLens allows you to see the real world, the combination is ideal, and I assume that it is the main reason for absence of dizziness everyone there.

HoloLens shows value from first day

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

It is obvious, when we speak about the new technologies, some ideas about their application are fine, others not so. Personally I do not think that virtual drawing or calls by Skype with HoloLens represent true value, besides novelty. It is necessary to carry out more many work.

But such things as to someone with instructions on repair or development architectural and design projects in the added reality can really get the help with HoloLens. It is possible to present different scenarios, but my criterion is as follows: if I can make in 10 times better with HoloLens, rather than with the current technologies of display, it is a victory.

The demo of construction/architecture which I tested, shows one of the most powerful values of a font: if to look at how the branch works today, the head will ache. Updatings and details are often discussed текстово, at the best with application of 2D-plans, and everyone should understand that it will mean for a concrete design. Here Microsoft medicine for this question:

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

With HoloLens it is possible to make virtual walk in a site, to look at a virtual building and to pass to the offered changes. It is possible to impose information thus: pipes, electric cables and other layers. The offered changes can be visualized, and in it there is more sense than if they were discussed on paper. HoloLens literally gives the chance to you «to see own eyes».

There are many scenarios which need to be tested and introduced, but at a due data set of HoloLens the equivalent of x-ray sight can give the chance to users and place itself in a real situation. As Microsoft well adjusted a field of vision and the general integration of geometry, integration 3D in reality works the simply super.

Quality pictures (good)

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

Quality of the image was good. I do not know, it uses what permission, but there is a feeling at 3D-rendering level in 720p. You do not need to be close to the image that it was possible to make out separate подпиксели as it often happens to a font of virtual reality.

Any demo did not show quality at level of the game personal computer, but it first of all because rendering passes on the device therefore the capacity of the graphic processor will be limited. In the present version graphic rendering is quite simple (see on video).

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

In principle, it will be possible рендерить on the computer and стримить on HoloLens, but already other history.

Convenience to eyes (very well)

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

As I already told, Microsoft made synchronization of HoloLens with a field of vision ideal. The design of projectors also creates convenience as those are slightly further from eyes. It is important, as "comfort" develops in, how long and as productively you can work with them.

Technology origin

As that hardware of HoloLens will suit many users from first day. However there is a number of things which should and, most likely, will be changed.

Limited field of vision

First, a field sight not such and big as it is possible to think when you look at the device. The design seems smooth and it seems, as if all helmet is a display, but is not present. Modern technologies yet do not allow to project the picture on all vizor.

Instead you as if go with the transparent 30-inch monitor located in 30 inches from your eyes (approximately). The three-dimensional content is cut off along the edges of this rectangle therefore you need to turn the head if you want to look at something big in full.

I do not think that with present technologies of a projection (and considering reasonable price) it is possible to make better therefore it is possible to consider the current realization as the best. If the field of vision is wider, experience will be more natural. It is not necessary to cover all field of vision (it quite big at the person — nearly 180 degrees, including peripheral), but a plus-minus of 45 degrees it would be quite good.

Rendering should be better

Yes, now rendering in HoloLens is quite simple but if to take speed from which productivity of graphics develops, that, obviously, in the next years everything will look more and more realistichny that will even more add values of HoloLens.

Sooner or later rendering becomes better, it is doubtless.

Availability of 3D-models

Everything that is connected with 3D-rendering, demands someone who will create a content: models, structures, etc. The industry which is necessary on CAD systems, needs data which will make HoloLens a useful font. Possibly, it will find of the first application of this technology.

But if you have no data, can, they and do not need to be created. For example, HoloLens perfectly would be suitable for visualization of the project of updating of your house. However it is necessary to carry out additional works to create house model in the necessary scales. Let’s hope, it will be possible to use methods on reconstruction of 3D-models by means of pair of chambers.

Whether it is possible to compare HoloLens to Google Glass?

This question, probably, comes to mind to all. In fact, HoloLens and Glass very different. Google Glass were created not for the added reality and are more similar to the computer monitor in the right top corner of your sight. You need to look there to see information.

HoloLens displays information over that, on what you look — such to yourselves «sight of Terminator».

Microsoft HoloLens: what already is and what will be?

Both devices can impose data, displaying information, but in general Glass remain «the lateral screen» which hardly can be used in the field of the added reality whereas HoloLens in itself is the best realization of the added reality.

Strangely enough, HoloLens personifies that, «what should become Google Glass».

The concept of HoloLens and modern embodiment impress. Whether it can become better? Absolutely, and over time, it is sure, the HoloLens team will bring it to perfection. I do not think that all of us will carry HoloLens on the heads in the next five years, but with the correct set of the HoloLens appendices will allow to improve or simplify a set of tasks essentially.

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