Clever wall-paper will turn your house into the big smartphone

Clever wall-paper will turn your house into the big smartphone

Forget smart TVs, clever thermostats and refrigerators. Intellectual wall-paper becomes break in creation of the clever house, the team of researchers from Singapore is sure. Scientists of Nanyansky technological university created a new type of printing electronics by means of which it is possible to turn house walls into digital devices, such as tiny columns, microphones, switches and sensors.

In fact, we can print electronic schemes of any complexity on any substrate. Paper, aluminum and a plastic foil can be a substrate. To print clever electronics it is possible even on wall-paper, – the professor of Nanyansky technological university Joseph Chan, the participant of the Smart Nation Innovations conference passing now in Singapore told to the IBTimes UK edition.

The tub considers that such electronics will be especially useful to elderly people who want to cooperate with the computer only by means of voice teams.

You talk to a wall, and the wall answers you through loudspeakers. To make a call, you do not need to take the mobile phone in hands. It is enough to address for the help to a wall, – the scientist speaks.

Clever wall-paper will turn your house into the big smartphone

Process of creation of printing electronics is similar to the press on T-shirts that means its low cost. Universality of technology allows to build in electronic schemes already finished articles, for example, windows by drawing on them a transparent plastic foil.

The NTU team looks for potential scopes of the invention. One of such is the health care sphere. In medicine flexible printing electronics can be used, for example, in clever plasters.

We can make products cleverer. It can be packing with the prevention of milk expiry date, a bandage with a reminder on bandaging or a plaster, capable to register frequency of warm reductions.

Researchers say that are not going to compete to high-efficiency processors which are used in smartphones and other electronic devices. According to them, printed-circuit boards cost only some cents, instead of dollars. It will allow to let out electronics intended for disposable use.

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