Chaotic Moon develops a fitness tracker for disabled people

Chaotic Moon develops a fitness tracker for disabled people

Unlike the majority of the fitness trackers calculated on wide audience, the device under the name Freewheel it is intended for people with limited physical abilities, namely disabled people-kolyasochnikov. The new gadget is development of innovative laboratory BASE of the Chaotic Moon company. The idea of its creation was offered by the content strategist of Chaotic Moon Tyler Hayvli (Tyler Hively), which itself uses a wheelchair.

Freewheel fastens to a wheelchair and measures the parameters not available to all other fitness trackers, for example, muscular force, necessary for movement. The device also measures road conditions to define, how many efforts to the user is required to put to move a chair.

The fitness tracker is equipped with a hygrometer, a barometer, sensors of the Hall and the accelerometer. They measure speed, distance, height and an inclination. Freewheel is compatible to devices which support Bluetooth, and also can be connected to such nosimy devices, as the monitor of a warm rhythm.

Chaotic Moon develops a fitness tracker for disabled people

Collected Chaotic Moon data can be used for creation of digital district maps which can be useful not only to disabled people-kolyasochnikam, but also cyclists and pedestrian tourists.

The ultimate goal of technology – to improve life of people. Freewheel combines different types of technologies that not only to improve life of the specific user, but also to aggregate data which can be useful to million people, – the chief executive officer of Chaotic Moon Ben Lamm (Ben Lamm) told to the TechCrunch edition.

Chaotic Moon has a number of the patents connected with this development, and says that now improves the fitness tracker. The company does not designate release date, but, according to the management, Freewheel leaves within the next several months.

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