Now clever hours can be operated, at all without touching them

Now clever hours can be operated, at all without touching them

Sometimes in our life there are situations when it is extremely undesirable to touch a favourite gadget with fingers. For example, when we cook food and our hands all in products, or in garage, when you from feet to the head in lubricating oil and a dust. It would be healthy, if the smartphone or clever hours could be operated, without touching thus their screen.

Voice assistants from Google, and Microsoft, unfortunately, not always provide with Apple to us exact management of our gadgets. And here to the aid of sufferers the Aria device comes. This tiny device fastens on a thong of clever hours (while hours on the basis of Android, and also Pebble are supported, but soon to them promise to add and Apple Watch) and provides to the user management of the main functions by means of in advance registered movements by fingers. You can see, how Aria in video works slightly below.

Now clever hours can be operated, at all without touching them

To start work with this device you need to put on only it a thong of hours, откалибровать it by means of the special annex, to appoint movements convenient for you by fingers for management of separate functions and all! It already works. Now you can soil the hands as much as necessary – your hours thus remain pure.

Within several next weeks developers of Aria plan to start on Kickstarter portal campaign in support of the child where all wishing can get the device in two versions. For Pebble the gadget will be budgetary as it will be directly connected by o’clock that reduces the price of it at the expense of lack of own element of a food. Such Aria will cost 69 dollars. The second version is intended for developers as will work with Android Wear and iOS-applications, and also includes full SDK. This set will manage wishing in 169 dollars.

It is necessary to tell that developers yet did not teach Aria to operate directly Apple Watch, but they achieved management in a set of foreign appendices. For example, you can replace movement of fingers palettes and tools in iOS-applications for drawing or to do pictures by the official appendix connected with the GoPro chamber.

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