Widerun: in virtual reality astride a bicycle

Widerun: in virtual reality astride a bicycle

The new system will help you to look at driving on a bicycle in a new way. The Italian team of engineers used a helmet of virtual reality for bicycle walks for which it is not necessary to leave the house. The system under the name Widerun consists of a font of Oculus Rift, a bicycle and a special docking station.

Having put on we send Oculus Rift, the user plunges into artificially created world simulating the real environment. The system is capable to move the person to any place and time. It can be both the street route, and the mountain road. Widerun provides feeling of real driving on a bicycle, without leaving the house.

Perhaps, the main feature of system is possibility to use already available bicycle instead of a bulky velosimulator which occupies a lot of space. The docking station approaches to any two-wheeled means with foot pedals. For imitation of a steering, speed and other effects according to the chosen virtual environment the built-in microcontroller is used.

Widerun: in virtual reality astride a bicycle

It should be noted that Widerun works not only with Oculus Rift. As a font the Samsung Gear VR device or the TV with the big screen can be used also. The last option, however, will deprive of all of you delights of the virtual environment.

As writes Mashable, developers offer various realistic scenarios of driving, to buy which it is possible in special online shop.

To estimate all advantages of Widerun, it is recommended to test system most. If everything that the producer – the truth promises, the device can draw attention of millions people which got used to leave from monotony of occupations on a velosimulator only by means of music or communication with the partner in sports.

Widerun: in virtual reality astride a bicycle

If the action on collecting the money, started on a kraudfandingovy site Kickstarter, achieves the object about 44 000 dollars, deliveries of Widerun will begin in April, 2016. Set cost for virtual driving on a real bicycle makes 400 dollars.

Other details can be learned here.

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