Sony: «We do not consider Oculus VR as the competitor»

Sony: «We do not consider Oculus VR as the competitor»

Not so long ago we told you that — the font of the virtual reality which has been in common developed by Valve and HTC — shows to HTC Vive smart indicators. Also said that Oculus Rift, probably, will not change game way habitual for us. But developers continue to be tightened and represent new practices in the sphere of virtual reality. This time on turn the first impression of Project Morpheus use from the Engadget resource. Further from the first person.

No, me did not rock to sleep, when I tested the new improved font of Project Morpheus from Sony for GDC in San Francisco. And it speaks about much, considering mine not the best result on the closed demo of E3 last year. But me it was sick, when I undertook it. It everything the shark is guilty. I hit the head about a wall, trying to avoid her powerful virtual jaw. This proof of that power of virtual reality is very great; it is rather great to knock you about the next wall and to leave a plaster smile on your face.

Sony: «We do not consider Oculus VR as the competitor»

It is necessary to pay tribute Sony that the shark in The Deep, one of three demos of Morpheus, never directly attacks the user. It would be too strong, and Sony knows about it. «You should be more careful — Javier Fernandez, the senior technical lead of Morpheus speaks. — You do not want, that something casually occurred and you lost the chamber review, and some people in general felt nausea and dizziness. You are so shipped in this world that if the shark completely swallows you, you can push somebody else. And safety — the most important. Therefore we should consider more many things before we will decide to go on it».

Sony: «We do not consider Oculus VR as the competitor»

Jambs in programming, hardware and standards of virtual reality generally were eliminated and processed by team of researchers and developers of Morpheus. Problems with low permission, effect of "screen-door" and degradation of movements were essentially reduced in connection with the new display 1920 by 1080 RGB and frequency of updating of 120 Hz. Partly therefore Sony planned a preliminary window of start for consumers for the beginning of 2016.

«We wanted to define long ago a start window — Richard Marx, the senior director on R&D speaks. — We simply felt that should reach a certain level of experience before we will call it a product. Know, when you for the first time try virtual reality, it is an important point. And if we do not create experience which will be insufficiently good, people will simply turn away».

The ultimate consumer goal can be in sight of Morpheus, but Marx and his team consider that to them too a lot of things should be studied about creation of experience of virtual reality.

«We definitely learned some lessons on the subject of experience. How you move people through the world. And a lot of things in it is illogical. People think:« Oh, you should spread slowly experience of interaction, and then quicker and quicker». And it actually the elementary way to carry away you. If you do something that can make in the real world, you are not fond; you do it as usual. And it is not surprising. You think:« Oh, teleportation would be pleasant to me». But you never teleported in the real world therefore you have also no thought shadow that you teleport incorrectly. You teleport, and it is pleasant to you. A disorientation — and here you somewhere else. You can do something that it not seems intuitive».

Marx says that the first party of the games Morpheus will represent an experience combination from the elementary actions — to stand, sit, lean. Though does not specify, how much they will be. He also does not make comments that will be complete with Morpheus box, but says that, most likely, users will see a set of demos of Morpheus which will acquaint them with virtual reality. Probably, they will be provided even by certain partners of Morpheus.

«We worked with NASA — Marx speaks. — Simple possibility to see a space landscape in high quality it is free in a makeweight with new system, it would be excellent».

Other reason for such very solid terms of start consists in reputation and involvement of partners. Though between Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation there are no races as regards public relations, Oculus gained considerable weight at the expense of openness of the platform (read — Samsung Gear VR). Among actors and directors with whom I communicated this year on Sundance film festival, only one told that the Morpheus team contacted it, and it was journalist Nonni de la Penya. Marx, however, says that to it there is a simple reason:

«Actually we have many not game contacts. I mean that we have even own film studio therefore we communicate with a set of the Hollywood studios. I think that an important point that these people do not know, than can help. Or they simply have no communications with people which receive sets for developers. At them simply is not present while a way to us. Our product never was consumer».

All this flow of loud partner announcements will rush soon, especially from «the advertizing industries». Marx says that Sony communicates with automakers much and wants, that they worked over experience which «would allow you to feel in the car».

On what we can precisely count, so it on the game component merged from PlayStation and Morpheus. «Our purpose as regards PlayStation — interactivity. And I think that virtual reality — this excellent place for интерактива. Simply we do not deduce it on the foreground. We are concentrated generally to the game party when the player cooperates with that occurs. Not simply looks, but also does something» — Marx speaks.

Probably, this project will be grandiose, but Marx supports the atmosphere in community of developers of virtual reality open and friendly, even between the various companies. The Morpheus team still sees in Oculus of the ally which develops the bases of virtual reality.

«They are an excellent partner in a part of production, I think, with which it is possible to be on friendly terms. From the point of view of engineering, we compete and we want to make the specifications better. But from the point of view of business both of us want same. We want, that the virtual reality found to itself a place. We want, that the market grew. Somewhat, we stand independently. We have PlayStation 4 therefore partly even no competition is present».

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