Google prepares the new improved Glass


Google prepares the new improved Glass

Google works over the new version of the nosimy Google Glass computer which developers called Enterprise Edition. Proceeding from the name, set it is intended not for simple users, and for the commercial organizations. It is reported that the device will receive the increased display, more productive Intel Atom processor and the improved battery.

About it writes a resource 9to5google. News appeared some days later after giving in the Federal commission of communication of the USA (FCC) of documents in which the device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and the code name A4R-GG1 is described. Anonymous sources reported that the new Glass version is focused on commercial use.

The integrated screen should expand a field of vision of the user and reduce load of sight. The new natelny font also will receive the battery of the increased capacity, though the gain will be not so big if to compare to the previous version, is told in the message.

The previous Google Glass version underwent criticism for the limited possibilities, the weak battery and inexpressive design. Human rights activists also expressed concern to that the device is capable to distinguish faces of people, secretly to write down and broadcast private conversations. In January the producer withdrew a product from the market.

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