The BB8 robot from a new episode of «Star wars» exists in reality

The BB8 robot from a new episode of «Star wars» exists in reality

Jay Jay Abrams, the director of hotly expected sci-fi movie «Star wars. Episode of VII: Force awakening» told to the admirers that the BB8 robot from a trailer is really functioning car, instead of the actor in a suit or result of application of means of computer graphics.

Six episodes of the space saga of George Loukas made a huge contribution to development of the Hollywood industry of special effects. By means of computer graphics the large cities, spaceships and various animation characters were created. But not everywhere to business went an animatronik. For execution of some roles was cheaper to use people of small growth. So, a small shaggy biped being by a nickname Evok Uiket played actor Uorvik Davies, and for a role of the R2D2 robot called Kenny Baker.

However Abrams decided to remove a new plot of continuation of the space saga other method. The director from scratch created the robot which distantly copes the operator and implicitly executes the teams given to it.

IBTimes reports that at meeting of fans of «Star wars» in California Abrams declared that after long discussions a role of BB8 was decided to give to the robotized doll.

The robot is similar to the snowman who has been stuck together from two iron spheres. The bottom sphere serves as a trunk, and top, vague – the head. Like the spherical GuardBot robot of the Case of marines of the USA, BB8 moves at the expense of oscillating motions with use of the multiaxial stabilizer. The center of gravity moves that back, forward.

The head of the robot turns on 360 degrees, but always remains from above a sphere. It is possible thanks to synchronously working magnets in the head and a trunk. Therefore during movement the robot never loses the head.

While it everything that is known about BB8. Premiere of the film «Star wars. Episode of VII: Force awakening» it is planned for December, 2015.

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