Samsung presented IoT-chips Artik


Samsung presented IoT-chips Artik

At the Internet of Things World conference in San Francisco the South Korean company Samsung presented new family of low-power chips for devices «Internet of things» (IoT) which the most different devices concern, beginning from washing machines and finishing bespilotnik. New chips will be issued in Artik 1, 5 and 10 versions which will differ in capacity, memory and working frequency. It is reported that the built-in system of enciphering will protect them from breaking.

As writes the VentureBeat edition, smallest of chips – Artik 1 – in the sizes is slightly more than ladybug. It is intended for use in small devices, such as concentrators of sensors.

Artik 10, biggest of the presented chips (some inches at width), is suitable for smartphones, home servers and media concentrators. In its basis the 8-nuclear processor with clock frequency of 1,3 GHz, 2 Gbytes of the dynamic RAM and 16 Gbytes a flash memory lies.

Artik 5, in turn, is calculated on use in such devices, as a kvadrokopter with the chamber onboard. The chip supports coding and video decoding.

Samsung presented IoT-chips Artik

According to Samsung, cost of chips will be in a range from 10 to 100 dollars. Chips maintain various standards relations, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Power, ZigBee and Thread.

Such decisions are already used in mobile Samsung devices. Now with them will equip household appliances like TVs and refrigerators.

Samsung considers that granting a standard set of chips with a set of standard development tools and an open integration platform will facilitate and will reduce the price of development of mobile decisions and appendices for iOS.

According to a forecast of research firm IDC, by 2020 the number of active devices «Internet of things» will reach 50 billions.

For the clever house the SmartThings company which bought 18 months ago Samsung is engaged in development of a platform. According to SmartThings, 19 000 devices are already connected to its platform.

Samsung presented IoT-chips Artik

The cloudy SmartThings Open Cloud platform allows to integrate all types of connected devices irrespective of used IoT-chips. The platform offers SDK for connection of devices to a cloud by means of development tools on Java, Android, iOS, PHP and Python.

The Samsung company declared that by 2020 intends to make all the products – from phones to washing machines – connected.

Artik chips will be used in all products of Samsung and they will be connected by one general SmartThings Open Cloud network. The set of means necessary for development of IoT-projects with use of Artik chips, is already available to developers.

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